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August 13, 2017   No Comments

Golden Retriever Nationals


Golden Retriever Nationals will be held next month in Delaware. One of our own, Micah, and his mom, Robin, will participate in the national agility trials. There are parades, seminars, social events and more. For more information go to:


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Blog Wednesday

August 10, 2017   No Comments

Guy Pals Forever in Less than a Day!

Charlies new home

Congratulations to Charlie who was adopted yesterday by Patti and her husband.

After an afternoon of PLAY, PLAY, Play guy pals need their rest.

Thank you to Peggy and Paul for fostering and Karen for transporting.

August 9, 2017   No Comments

Maudie Enjoying Her Summer Vacation

Blog Maudie

Maudie was adopted last year and fostered by Becky.

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