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Edible Apple Kong


  1. Wash, core and remove any stickers from your apple. (Granny Smith have the lowest amount of sugar) It’s important to ensure the apple is fully cored for your dog to enjoy it safely.
  2. Stuff the core with your desired filling such as Organic Peanut or Almond Butter. ( NO Xylitol)
  3. Enjoy!

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GRRSM Annual Meeting


The GRRSM Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday, February 23 from 12:30 – 2:30 p.m. at the Charlotte Hall Library.

We will:
Get updates about fostering, adoption, fundraising, home visiting, events and more.
Recognize volunteers.
Talk about current rescue topics
Bid on auction items to raise money for our China pups coming to GRRSM.

Please contact Barb Saylor at  if you would like to donate something to our Live and Silent Auctions. Barb is coordinating the donations and auction. In the past we have had wonderful gift baskets with lots of dog and golden themed items, golden art, a doggie toy box full of toys ect…

We will also be having a potluck, please let Peggy Dziewit know what you would like to sign up for at

Hope to see you there!!


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Emma and Matti Enjoy the Snow

Well, it didn’t snow in my neck of the woods, but it did in Tennessee which is where GRRSM dogs Emma and Matti now live.

The girls were adopted this past year by Kathy and Kent. They also have Jenna, who is from the rescue and their first GRRSM pup was Layla, who has crossed over the bridge.

Emma was fostered by Becky and Matti, is one of last years China pups and was fostered by Susan.

Kathy and Kent report that the girls are “Joined at the hip.” Emma loves to bother her year older sister, by climbing under her and trying to tip her over to wrestle. Wonder where she learned that move?

Thanks for the update Kathy and Kent!

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If you see or hear a dog outside in these conditions, please call your local Animal Control or County Police. Animals are required to have shelter and access to water which is hard to keep unfrozen when the temps are this low. Doing nothing makes you just as guilty.

Animal Control:
St. Mary’s County 301-475-8018
Charles County 301-609-3425
Calvert County 410-535-1600

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