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Welcome Lucky & Rose!

So excited I can announce Lucky & Rose have arrived from Okinawa!! Doggies Inc pulled both Rose and Lucky from the same shelter that Maverick and Rafa were at and helped them get to Southern Maryland.

This is Rose when she was in the shelter she was found as a stray and is probably around 4 years old.

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Rose’s freedom ride from the shelter in Japan.


This is poor matted Lucky in the shelter also found as a stray.

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Now you know GRRSM does NOT shave Goldens.  But Lucky needed to be shaved for medical reasons – he was matted all the way to the skin.  He feels so much better and his fur will grow in.  He is wearing a t-shirt since he doesn’t have protection against the sun for now.

18301854_1452895048064381_9212258877794077776_n  18268154_1449790538374832_7272038495529615413_n

Yesterday afternoon after arriving in LAX from Tokyo poor Lucky was ready to be here already!

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Rose is being fostered by Gwen Jones.  Rose has already met her canine foster siblings and Gwen’s friend Billy.  She loved all the attention from Billy!  Picture below is Donna from Doggie’s Inc and Rose with Gwen & Billy!



Lucky is being temp fostered by Donna Stock and will be fostered by the Spragg family.

Both Lucky and Rose are heartworm positive and will need to be vetted and go through HW treatment before being available for adoption.  Thank you to our fosters and Doggies Inc. for getting Lucky and Rose to Southern Maryland.  We are so happy to have them as part of the GRRSM family.

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Healing Prayers to Indy

Please send healing prayers to Indy as tomorrow he’s getting his teeth cleaned and a couple of lumps removed.  Indy has been on a diet and had a goal to lose weight before the procedure to make it safer.  Indy is now down to 105 (he originally was 120)!

BIG thank you to Aimee Darling for being Indy’s chariot to the vet and his Foster Mom Karin who has been Indy’s weight-loss champion!

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18596259_10154826769629332_1582391165_o      18575215_10154826769619332_1656527975_o


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blog Mothers Day

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Charlotte Crossed the Rainbow Bridge


We said a sad good bye to sweet Charlotte today.


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Animal Lovers Please Take This Survey


Southern Maryland governments are assessing whether or not to build an animal shelter in each county or share a shelter like they do now. The current shelter is over 50 years old, located far away from everyone in Charles County and in terrible shape. It is also a high kill shelter.

Let your local representatives know our local stray and unwanted animals need to be humanely cared for. Please complete this survey. Takes less than 5 minutes.

Shelter Survey

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Please Don’t Shave Your Golden

Golden Retrievers should look like this:

blog 1

And not like this:


Please don’t shave your golden. If you want to shorten their hair for summer, ask your groomer for a “puppy cut” which leaves at least an inch of fur all over. Your golden’s fur:

Keeps them cool (think thermos bottle)
Protects from bug bites.
Protects from sun burn. Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in dogs.
Protects from scrapes.

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In Honor of Upcoming Mother’s Day

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Another Daddy’s Girl?


Last week Rob and Michelle adopted Bonham, who is now Alice, who greeted Rob as if she’d known him all her life. This week 8 month old Roxy, from Turkey, was being fostered by Rob and Michelle who decided after over 20 years without a puppy, they were ready to add this little smartie (mostly, learned to use the dog door the first day) to their family of now four pups. Grace from the shelter and Rip from our rescue.

Today Roxy got her head stuck in the small opening in the gate for their cat and got stuck dragging the gate around the room. Joys of puppyhood!

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