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February 18, 2018   No Comments

Hope Your Day is Filled with Happy Sprinkles

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Welcome Sugar

After several delays, Sugar has arrived to rescue. Thank you MJ Epstein for transporting her.

Also, thank you Debbie D and family, including pups Eli and Kaine, for fostering. This is Debbie’s family’s first foster pup. Some of you may remember her mom and dad, Betty and Lloyd Davis, who fostered (and adopted) many goldens from the rescue.

Sugar came to rescue because her mom is ill and can no longer care for her.

We will get her checked out by the vet and get to know her a bit and then she will be ready for her furever family.

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Fundraiser Updates

Every little bit helps!!

Thank you to everyone that supported the Mixed Bags Design Fundraiser which wrapped up in December!! We found out today GRRSM will be getting a check for $236.80!

We also found out from our Smile Amazon account we will also be receiving $172.98 for the period October 1 – December 31.  Thank you to everyone that uses the Smile Amazon page.  If you are not aware Amazon donates a small portion of every order placed through the following website.  Just go to this page first then use Amazon as you normally would.


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Happy Valentines Day

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Hunting Breeds Dog Parents Live Longer

I had my 62nd birthday last week and now see “old people” information everywhere. The Consumer Reports Health Journal I’m reading shares a Swedish study that says people who live alone with a dog reduce their risk of early death by 33%.

For those who live with another human and have a dog the risk is 11% lower than those who don’t have a dog.

Study authors believe dog owners get more exercise.

AND those of us who have retrievers, hounds and terriers reap the most benefits likely because these breeds are more active.

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Callie Ann Update

Callie Ann was one of the Terrific Ten rescued from a hording situation in 2009. Here’s an update from her family.

Sorry for not keeping you up to date on Callie. She is cherished by our whole family, I assure you!

I’ve attached several pics of Callie, including one with her beloved sister Josie and another with our cat Murphy who thinks he’s a dog, too.

This was also Callie’s first Christmas tree outing without Josie, but she still had fun! Take care.

Barry Barefoot

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