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Dog Mom’s Bakery GRRSM Fundraiser Ends 7/31/17

Double Cheese

“Double Cheeseburger Please” is the theme for the July Dog Mom’s Bakery Fundraiser. Fundraiser runs the entire month of July.

The Gourmet Gift Box is a dog’s delight with:
2 Carob Patties, 2 slices of Turmeric Cheese and Oat Buns. Add a Side of Fries, Wheat Grass “Pickle Chips” and some Beet Red Watermelon.

For every Gourmet Gift Box purchased, 20% will be donated back to GRRSM!  PLUS….. for every gift box purchased your name will be entered into a drawing to win an August gift box!!

Click here to order:


DON’T FORGET!!!  You MUST enter “GRRSM” into the Gift Message Area for your order to count!! Take a look at the picture below where you can place GRRSM.


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New Pain Medications for Dogs with Arthritis and EvenBone Cancer


Penn State is researching new pain killers for pups.

Pain Meds

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Just a Little More Healing Energy Needed


Lucky really is as happy as he appears.

He’s at the vet for his last heartworm treatment today which is painful and a bit dangerous, so he could use some healing energy and prayers.

Good news for this happy fella is he went to the ortho vet yesterday who says his wonky walk is due to lack of muscle strength in his back legs and more exercise and swimming will build that up.

Even MORE good news is he has folks interested in being his furever family when he is ready for adoption.

Thank you to Glenda and Tom for fostering him and to all of you for funding his care.

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Precious One – Honey

blog Honey

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Precious Two


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Honey is Ready for her Furever Family

Honey 1

Given up by her owner because they could no longer care for her, Honey is between 8-10 and weighs 65 pounds. She is healthy. She is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She has not made one noise yet, she is very quiet.

Honey 3

She is a shy girl until she is comfortable with you. Her favorite spot is under something, at my house it is an end table. Her favorite thing is to be petted. She walks great on a leash. Honey is great with dogs, cats, and children. Honey is house trained. She is perfect riding in a car. She is absolutely perfect in every way!!!


Thank you to the Minnich family for transporting and fostering Miss Honey.

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Question Everything

blog mark

Many of us were taught not to question authority, but when it comes to our goldens, we need to question EVERYTHING.

How many of us spay or neutered our goldens at an early age without asking the vet what impact spaying or neutering has on our pup?

Just look at this blog to see how many of us give our dogs medications without asking about the side effects such as ear drops for a simple ear infection resulting in permanent hearing loss for our pup?

Is processed kibble really better for our dog than healthy table scraps? The dog food companies would like us to believe that, but is it true?

What vaccinations do our dogs really need?

In the dead of winter do we still need to give our dogs heart worm prevention which is caused by mosquitoes biting our dogs when it’s too cold for mosquitoes?

Is is true that microchips can migrate on your dog and lodge in organs?

Life expectancy for goldens has decreased over the last 30 years. Is it because we golden lovers haven’t been asking enough questions?

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blog monday

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blog sun

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Girl Talk

Girl Talk

Rafa and Her New Sister, Sandy Getting to Know Each Other

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Fostr Families Give Little Pieces of Their Hearts

Rafa 3

For our fabulous foster families who love our pups…… For Mariel today, who knows, maybe you in the future?

Mariel sat on the floor, unable to sit straight and tall like her mother had always admonished her to do when she was a child. Today, it would be impossible. And tomorrow…it probably wouldn’t be possible then either. Her mind was too busy thinking about the dog that lay across her lap. When she came to be with her, she had no name. She remembered that day very well.  The first sight of her was enough to break her heart into little pieces.

Her fur was very thick; so thick that she had to wiggle her fingers down to feel her bony body. And as she pulled her fingers away again, they were coated in old dirt. Golden she was supposed to be. But on that day she was dirt and dust. She sat in the back of her car panting continuously, ears laid outward for she had lost her courage and couldn’t keep them proud and tall.

She sat motionless, waiting and limp. But the thing that was the most disturbing was the look in her eyes.  They were quiet eyes, sunken into her head – and they watched her. They were alive ith thought.  She was waiting for her to do something “to” her.  Little did she know at the time that, instead, she would “give” something to her.  

Roes 5 (2)

She gave her one of the little broken pieces of her heart. She reached out to stroke her head and she instinctively flinched her eyes shut and dropped her head, waiting for the heavy hand. With that little bit of movement she gave her another one of the broken pieces of her heart.

She took her home and gave her a bath. She toweled her dry and brushed some order back into her coat. For that, she was grateful and even though her own heart was loaded with worms, she accepted yet another piece of her heart, for it would help to heal her own.

“Would you like some water, sweet girl?” She whispered to as she set down a large bowl of cold well water. She drank it up happily. She had been dehydrated for a long time and she knew it would take him most of the week to re-hydrate. She wanted more water – but it was gone. Ah… that’s how it is, she thought to herself. But she was grateful for what she had been able to get. “Would you like some more?” and she gave her another bowl along with another little piece of her heart.

“I know that you are hungry. You don’t have to find your own food anymore. Here’s a big bowl of good food for you. I’ve added some warm water and a little piece of my heart.”

Indy toy

Over the four months that she stayed with her, her health improved. The heart full of worms was replaced piece by piece with little bits of her loving heart. And each little piece worked a very special kind of magic.  When the warmth of love and gentle caresses are added, the little broken pieces knit together again and heal the container it resides in. That container becomes whole again. She watched each little broken piece fill a gap in the gentle dog until her quiet eyes radiated the light from the little pieces. You see, kind words gently spoken turn the little pieces into illumination for the spirit that resides within.

She rested beside her, happy to be with her always. Never had she known such kindness, such gentle caresses; such love. Her health had returned, her spirit was playful as a young dog’s should be and she had learned about love.

Lily 1

Now her heart was full. The healing was complete. It was time to go. There was another person who had another heart that was meant to be shared with her. So she sat shapeless on the floor because all the broken pieces of her heart were with the dog. It is difficult to sit tall when your heart is not with you. She wrapped her arms around the dog that sat with tall, proud ears for her. Lean on me, she said. And she gave him one last thing that would keep her strong; that would keep the pieces of her heart together long after she had gone on to live her new life. She gave  her tears and bound them to the pieces with a simple statement made from  the ribbons of her heart.

“I love you, Rafa.” And Rafa lived happily ever after.

Mariel sat on the floor, straight and tall like her mother had always admonished her to do when she was a child. Today, it would be possible. And tomorrow… it probably would be possible too. Because her mind was busy thinking about this, the next dog that lay across her lap.

Where did she get the heart to help yet another dog, you ask? Ahhh… it came with the dog. They always bring a little bit of heart with them. And when the rescuer breathes in that little bit of heart, it quickly grows and fills the void left by the last dog.  ~ Author Unknown

Honey 3

Call 855.477.3728 to learn more about opening your heart and home to a golden retriever in need.

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