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Home Made Dog Food Recipe

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Send Prayers…..

blood boone

Please send prays to Laura Woodburn and Brian Buker as they help their boy Boone cross Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. Many of us know how hard this is.

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Holistic Vet Workshop

Dr. Forrest will give an in-store Holistic Pet Care lecture on Sunday, August 20 at 2 pm. Topics include acupuncture, and herbal and food therapies. Call 301-917-9274 to make a reservation! WagnWash is located in San Soucci Plaza in California MD.

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Lucky Says “I’m Feeling Good”

Lucky blog

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BFFs Charlie and Henry

From Patti, Charlie’s new mom

Charlie and Henry



Charlie (cream boy in front) is an absolute dream!  He has settled in just fine, like he’s always been with us!  Gets along so well with everyone and he is smart as can be.  The information packet is very helpful — he knows so many commands.  Comes to us beautifully when we call him.  He was very intrigued by the horses, but seems ok with them now.  He and Henry play forever and then they both crash.  Needless to say, Henry is over the moon happy that he’s here.  I’ve included a picture of the two of them after one of their play times.

We cannot thank you and Peggy and Paul(Foster Family) enough for selecting us to be his adoptive family.  We feel very blessed.

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blog Tuesday

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Which Would You Rather Eat?

Not dinner

or my Ruby Tuesday’s dinner this evening?


I’m surprised about how many questions I get from this blog about feeding goldens.

“Why won’t my golden won’t eat?”

“My dog is a picky eater.”

“Is my dog’s food causing him to be gassy or itchy?” (Possibly)

An ER vet once told me if I needed to get his attention, tell him I had a golden that wouldn’t eat. He said unless he was in surgery, he’d call me immediately.

Goldens EAT.

However, some goldens are fed the same processed food every meal for their entire life.

I like to eat, but I bet I could lose some weight if I had to eat the food in the first photo all the time.

I get it. Kibble is easy. It’s generally safe unless it’s been contaminated or it’s one of the foods we are now learning does not have enough taurine in it.

If you are going to feed kibble, use a high quality kibble; change every three or four months and ADD healthy foods for your pup. Some recommended kibbles processed at low temperature to retain the nutrients include Orijen, Acana, Canadae and Annamaet. Puppies need to eat a large breed product until they are about 10 months old, and you can add to it.

We feed a commercial raw in the morning; a light lunch or snack and then I’ve been using a base mix to ensure basic needs are met and tonight my pups had roast beef, kale, a handful of blueberries, some pieces of tomato, melon and local honey from the farmer’s market. We mix it up every day.

What did your pups have for dinner?

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Does Furever Mean Furever?

Xmas present

A couple of years ago this photo kept showing up on my Facebook page. This older Maltese mix was at Tricounty Animal Shelter. I called my husband and said, “I want to adopt her.” and drove to Hughesville and completed the application. It was unknown if she was spay so she had to go to the vet before I could adopt her.

I arranged to have her vetted with my vet. Dr. Forrest called me to let me know my little girl, who I had named Violet, needed mammary tumors removed, her teeth cleaned and some other minor medical care. He said most adopters would send her back to the shelter to be euthanized, but he had worked up a cost estimate for me of $2000.

He knew that once Joe and I commit to a dog, we care for them as if they have always been ours.

Lucky 1

So imagine my surprise when Lucky’s “furever” family opted to give him back to rescue after four days because he is sneezing blood and has a runny nose after a vet visit with their vet yesterday. (The rescue paid for.) We don’t know what is wrong with this lovable guy. It could be kennel cough, a sinus infection, something related to his heartworm treatment or even cancer.

His new family opted to give him back to rescue without finding out what the problem is (at the rescue’s expense.) This was after they said they had “fallen in love” with him the day they saw him on the rescue’s blog. They were not in our usual adoption area so I looked for a volunteer to drive over 1.5 hours to do their home visit. We had frequent contact with Lucky’s prospective adopters as Lucky went through heartworm treatment. They wanted to foster him, but he had already started treatment and Dunkirk at we wanted him to finish there. We also had his wonky walk evaluated by the orthopedist at MASH.

We did let him be adopted 10 days before his heartworm treatment rest period and prior to neuter which the rescue indicated we would fund.

As Adoption Coordinator, I feel like I let Lucky down. I bent the rescue’s rules for this family and they rejected Lucky.

I’m sure I could have freaked out when the vet told me there was a 50 % chance my little white Muppet dog’s tumors were cancerous, but Joe and I said if they were, we would love her until she crossed Rainbow Bridge. We were lucky. Tumors were benign and Violet is happy and mostly healthy and adorable.

Let’s hope Lucky lives up to his name. He has an appointment with our vet who has been treating him while in rescue tonight. We are grateful to Michelle Doelle and Greg Beckman for caring for Lucky until Glenda, his original foster mom returns.

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Lucky Needs More Luck

Lucky (1)

UPDATE: Lucky’s luck seems to be continuing. Local vet thinks he just has sinusitis and the antibiotic the vet gave him last night is already helping!
Thanx for all your positive energy and prays and to Ginny Hinders, Michelle Doell, Greg Beckman and Donna McMahon for helping Lucky today.

Please send Lucky some healing energy and prayers.

He was adopted last Thursday, at the ER Vet with his adoptive family yesterday, and is coming back to rescue today. He started sneezing blood, has runny eyes and the vets really aren’t sure what’s wrong with him, but, according to the vet, it may be something serious and his newly adopted family opted to return him.

Thank you to Donna and Karin for being willing to care for him until Glenda, his foster mom returns. And thank you to Ginny, intake/foster coordinator, who is coordinating his care.

Even the vets commented on what a special guy he is.

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