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Chesapeake Grille Dunkirk Fundraiser


For one week, Sunday, June 25 through Saturday, July 1st, all tips and donations collected at the Chesapeake Grille in Dunkirk will go to GRRSM!

The Grille is open 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM, Sunday through Thursday, and 11:00AM – 10:00 PM Friday and Saturday.

It is located at 10092 Southern Maryland Blvd. (RTE 4) in Dunkirk (in a group of shops south of Wawa).

Help GRSSM by having lunch or dinner at the Chesapeake Grille!!

Many thanks to Glenda Spragg for setting this fundraiser up for GRRSM!


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Sometimes rescue’s don’t do what is smart. Instead, they do what is right, and kind, and good.

Senior boy Max’s equally senior owner could no longer care for him and took him to the shelter.

When Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland was contacted, we could have done the “smart” thing and let the staff euthanize this 15 year old + boy, but we didn’t.

We did the kind thing and brought him into rescue where Sarah fed him hamburgers and Velveeta because Max liked them.

Today, after 2.5 months in rescue, Max was helped over the bridge.

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Send Healing Hugs to Lucky


He received his first of three heartworm injections today.

Heartworm prevention is SO important.

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Mae (Maizy) is doing great! A very easy transition for everyone.
Thank you again,
Jill Romano

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We Need a Hand with Henry

Henry 7

Henry has been with rescue since mid April. His foster mom is asking for him to be moved as he needs to be an only dog with a firm foster family or adopter. If you or someone you know might be a good match for this handsome guy, please call 855.477.3728 or email contact@goldenretrieverrescueofsouthernmaryland.org

Here is information about Henry from his foster mom.

Age: 7 years old neutered male.

Weight: 85 pounds

Health: good

Background Came from a family who had him since puppyhood, admits they didn’t interact with him much or train him and could not control him. When people were over, they kept him on a prong collar leashed up in the house or locked in the bedroom. He was purchased for their son and when the son went away to college this year, the parents decided they could not deal with him anymore and were contemplating euthanasia. A family member contacted GRRSM because she wanted Henry to have a chance at training and rehabilitation.

Personality: Henry is a loving, calm dog most of the time. He’s a great nuzzler and sleeps with me calmly at night. But he is reactive to new people and dogs (whether at home or on walks). He barks and lunges and must be firmly controlled and re-directed. With people, if they reach out their hand and start talking to him, he will generally stop barking and become wiggly, happy and loving very quickly.

Interaction with dogs: He has been at my house for about 2.5 months, and I generally have been keeping my dogs and Henry separate because he was very reactive with them for the first month. Since then, he is calm and pretty much ignores them through the gate, but on several occasions when we’ve introduced him one on one together, he is OK for a while, but then has charged at them when they walk into a room near his toy. So I have not tried anymore because I don’t want to put them through it. In my opinion, he is dog reactive and a resource (toy) guarder. Recommend he be in an only dog home.

Interaction with cats: With me, he has only been around cats at the vet’s office where at first he was just curious, but then when it went to walk away he did try to chase it.

Interaction with children: He shouldn’t be around children due to him guarding toys.

Fence requirements: Requires a physical fence.

Leash manners: good. Occasionally pulls, but generally does well (until meets up with a dog or human). Heels pretty good when you work with him on it.

House trained: Has never had an accident.

Behavior Challenges: When Henry first came in April, he was anxious, jumpy, barked a lot, would break through gates and bolt through doors, and was very hard to control on a leash. After two months (including two weeks with a trainer), he has come a long way and improved greatly in these areas. The trainer said he needs a “firm pack leader to take control of situations so he didn’t have to” and a lot of obedience work and socialization.

The scary thing for me is on three occasions he threw a canine “temper tantrum” when he couldn’t have his way for example – he wanted to play when it was bedtime. He humped and mouthed my arm hard. He did not break skin and has never bitten, but his mouthing hurt.

Henry is totally toy motivated (all types – ropes, balls, plush/squeakies).

I work all day and I think he needs more exercise. I think he needs someone home more who has the time to play catch (which he loves to do and he brings it back nicely).

At this point, I feel he needs more time and attention than my family can give him so we need to look at next options for Henry.

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GRRSM Facebook Auction

AuctionIf you have a FACEBOOK account, check out our Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland Group.  Currently we have a Facebook Auction happening through Sunday, June 25 at 6PM.  Lots of great items to bid on!

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