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Join Us for Annual Meeting


Join us on Saturday, February 25th at the Charlotte Hall Library from 2 – 4 pm as we celebrate the rescue’s 10th anniversary. The library is located at 37600 New Market Rd, Charlotte Hall, MD 20622.

We’ll take a walk down memory lane, recognize volunteers and talk about volunteer opportunities, get updates about the rescue, ask for your ideas about plans for the future, raise some $ via an auction and enjoy cake and refreshments.

Please let us know if you plan to be there so we set up enough tables and chairs. Call 301.994.0132, email Johnsonpat@verizon.net or leave a message here.

You do not need to be a member to attend the meeting.

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Sookie Update


Little Miss Sookie is feeling better. She arrived from Turkey last week with either an eye infection or a scratched cornea and could not open her eye. She also had an abscess on her lower back. Sookie was allergic to one of the antibiotics the vet gave her which caused her to be super itchy all over, so adjustments were made and Sookie is feeling much better.


She’s a petite girl, about three years old, who is very shy. She’s learning household living and now routinely makes her foster mom, Susan Casarez, happy by going potty outside.

She will be available for adoption once her abscess has healed nicely.

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Congratulations to Keje


Keje was adopted by her foster mom and family, Shannon Thompson.


Shannon is two for two as she fostered and adopted Riley, one of the Super Seven Pups in 2010.

From Shannon ~

We plan to keep her name Keje since our son looked it up and it means “radiant beauty” — we love its meaning and it fits her perfectly!

Keje5 (2)Keje loves to sit completely in our laps — preferably with no part of her touching the ground.  🙂


In another picture, she thought she would try to share Riley’s dog bed.  He handled it well, but you can almost see the concern on his face.  🙂  She also loves to play tug of war with Riley as much as she can!

It’s just hard to get a decent picture of them doing that.   She really is settling in here and becoming the princess of the house.  Poor Riley has aged about a year in this past week, but he is so patient and calm with her.


Have a great day!


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Zachary Taylor Update

Zach - Cathy 2-11-2017

I’ve been meaning to write you with an update (and photos), and to thank Ms. Schroeder for Zach’s Christmas gift. I keep her throw (along with others) on my couch so Zach has a comfortable spot to lay and dream.

Zach is doing well – although he and the cat are still not “there” yet. Baby steps… Zach really enjoys sitting outside in my (small) backyard – content to chill on my slate patio and listen to the sounds. I have a walking path just outside my back gate, and Zach will let me know whenever someone walks by. Inside he is the most mellow dog I’ve been around. He loves to jockey for position on my couch – especially when there’s competition.

Zach 11-6-2016

Zach is pretty distracted when we are out walking – which is normal I suppose. He’s still fascinated with squirrels and likes to pull you in their direction. (Did I mention he is strong?!) He still barks at dogs he sees – whether up close or at a distance. He also barks at cars. This is something he didn’t seem to do when I first got him. Not sure if he chased cars in a previous life, but I really need to keep a firm grip when a car goes by. And it’s not all cars, just certain ones or certain moments. Nevertheless, we are working on our leash skills. He listens well when there’s a treat involved.

Zach 11-24-2016My sister came up the week before Christmas and brought her Lab-Weimaraner pup (Harper), and after proper introductory nose-sniffing outside, they started playing around and became quite the weekend buddies. My brother came over for dinner one night and brought his three dogs, and it was funny how Harper and Zach were protective of each other from the other dogs.

Healthwise, Zach has had several bouts with intestinal issues resulting in runny stool, but after medication he seems back to normal. My vet said to lay off the carrots, apples, and bully sticks. I have and he’s been fine.

Anyway, enjoy the photos, and thanks for all the great work you and the rescue do.

John Stebbins

February 21, 2017   1 Comment

Carter Update


Remember our little scamp from our first Turkey rescue last June named Jimmy Carter? He arrived dog reactive with a crazy prey drive. But lovable and fun loving, fostered by Stephanie Waikart, here is an update from his furever mom.

Carter1From  Adoptive Mom, Caitlin,

Carter is getting better by the day. The training course we took (recommended by your contact, Julie) gave us some really useful tools for managing Carter’s reactivity. His “freakouts,” as we call them, are much fewer and farther between these days. He even has a dog friend down the street that he plays with on his walks! I’m confident that we’ll continue to make progress.


We couldn’t be more in love with him. Thanks for making us his furver family!

Check out the attached photos!


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Baby is Ready for her Furever Family

Baby bathed

Baby came to rescue when her family turned her into the local shelter because they didn’t have “time or room” for her any longer. She needs someone who will be the center of her world which will be easy to do as her experienced foster family says she is the sweetest, easiest pup they’ve ever fostered.

Gender: Female

Age: 7

Weight: 90 lbs, needs to drop ~15

Health: good, other than being overweight. We are looking for a family committed to helping Baby regain her girlish figure.

Personality: so incredibly sweet, calm, & easy. She seems to be completely content when she’s curled up at her foster mom’s feet.

Interaction with Dogs: Good. She has been great with her foster family’s 3 dogs, including Teddy who is young and very bouncy.

Baby 2

nteraction with Cats: unknown

Interaction with Children: Good. She came from a family with kids. She was sweet and gentle with my friend’s 9 year old daughter

Fence requirements: She might do ok without a physical fence. She doesn’t seem to be much of a wanderer nor has she demonstrated any prey drive.

Leash manners: Pretty good, mild pulling.

Adoption Fee: $400

Available: Now

Please review the Adoption Guide before applying.


baby standing

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Prayers for Sydney


Please send prayers and healing energy to Sydney who arrived from Turkey over a week ago.

Our local vet found a walnut sized mammary tumor that will be surgically removed tomorrow (Tuesday) at Dunkirk Animal Hospital.

50% chance of cancer, but we won’t know until after the biopsy report.

Sydney is being fostered by Glenda and Tom Spragg.

She’s a beautiful, confident girl who needs our good wishes.

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Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland to Celebrate 10th Year

Luke, Joe and Pat Johnson, Al Huey, Becky Minnich, Barb Saylor, Kim Adams, Jean Huey, Peggy Dziewit, Liz Pike and Murphy. Not shown: Ginny Hinders and Karin Carlson.

Golden retriever lovers are invited to Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland’s ten year celebration to be held on Saturday, February 25th from 2 – 4 pm at the Charlotte Hall Library. The library is located at 37600 New Market Road, Charlotte Hall, MD 20622.

The rescue was formed after an article and a photo appeared in the Community News section of The Enterprise welcoming Master Chief Joe Johnson as NAWAD Command Master Chief, he and his wife, Pat, received numerous calls asking for help with golden retrievers in need in Southern Maryland.

Pat and Joe had volunteered with golden rescue groups in Southeastern Virginia and in the greater Washington DC area and would refer to these groups; however, people were hesitant to “send their golden away.”

After completing the paperwork to start a non-profit, the Johnsons placed a notice in the local paper announcing a meeting at the Lexington Park Library for individuals interested in forming a small golden rescue group in Southern Maryland. Fourteen people attended that first meeting and many of that original group still volunteer for the rescue.

Efforts focus on golden retrievers in need in Southern Maryland; however, any golden retriever coming to the attention of the rescue is assisted through one of over 90 golden retriever rescue groups throughout the United States in addition to the local group.

Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland has over 80 volunteers and brings an average of 40 goldens into the rescue each year. Goldens live with volunteer foster families until adopted. The rescue pays for food, vet care, supplies, etc.

When asked why they volunteer with Golden Rescue:

Kim Adams says, “I am involved with GRRSM because they are an awesome and friendly group of people who all have a love for animals, but specifically my favorite breed, Golden Retrievers. We save goldens that find themselves in bad circumstances, at no fault of their own, and find them the best furever families possible. You will also find with joining GRRSM, an extensive wealth of knowledge. Whether medical or behavioral challenges, someone in the group has most likely faced it and can provide their experience to help you make informed decisions for your own golden.”

Al Huey, ” I got involved with the rescue because it’s a great way to meet a lot of dogs.”

Peggy Dziewit, ” After adopting an amazing Golden from GRRSM we volunteered as a foster family, for a while I was the adoption coordinator, and now I volunteer on the board as the membership and secretary. GRRSM’s focus on helping dogs and people by sharing knowledge and experiences makes GRRSM a fantastic community. By volunteering I feel I’m giving a little back to a group that has given me so much.”

Liz Pike, “I first got involved after reading about the rescue in the Maryland Independent. It is a great feeling to take a dog that has been mistreated or neglected and show him or her what true love is like.”

We hope you will be able to join us on Saturday. To learn more call 855.477.3728.

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Auction Donation Toy Box

Toy box from Ginny

Thank you to Ginny and Karin for donating this handmade toy box. Toys aren’t in it yet as the stain is still drying in this photo.

This very cute toy storage filled with toys will be one of the items you can bid on at the rescue’s annual meeting this Saturday from 2 – 4 pm at the Charlotte Hall Library.

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Congratulations to Sheila

Sheila lilyCongratulations to Lily (Sheila) on finding her furever home today with Melia and Bryan. Lily has a doggie brother Levi! Thank you Becky and Doris for fostering her.

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Auction Donation


Once again the Hueys and Johnsons teamed up to donate a toy box made by Al and filled by Pat. The color of the box is green.
Here’s a picture of last year’s box.


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