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2018 Golden Retriever Rescue Calendar

calendarIt’s time to take and submit your photos for Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland’s 2018 Calendar. Here are the guidelines:

Submission Guidelines:

1. Deadline for submission is June 1, 2017.

2. One main picture for each month and one for the front and back covers will be selected. Main photos must include a dog adopted from the rescue. Other dogs can be in the picture.

3. Photos will be selected based on composition, quality, and emotional appeal.

4. All photos submitted must be horizontal (landscape) in orientation. Holiday themed photos are always needed. (Valentine’s Day, St Pat’s, Father’s Day, Christmas, etc.)

5. Digital images are required. Please follow these guidelines:

a. Set your camera to take photos at the highest resolution possible.

b. If possible, name your image(s) with dog’s name and your last name. If sending more than one photo, number appropriately. Example: RustyJones01.jpg, RustyJones02.jpg, RustyJones03.jpg.

c. No more than 5 photos per member. Submit your image(s) in jpg format as an email attachment to johnsonpat@verizon.net. Please do not crop the picture or make the file smaller to email— send the largest, original file.

d. Include a note in the message body with pertinent information (owner’s name, dog’s name ) and include the DOG’S NAME in the MESSAGE SUBJECT so we can match your picture with your information. You will receive a confirmation of your submission. If you don’t receive one, assume it did not go through and please re-send. Feel free to add a couple of lines about your pup.

6. Only GRRSM dogs are eligible for the large photos. Goldens of members who were not adopted through the rescue may be used for the medium size photos on the page.

7. No humans in the photo please.

8. Photos must be previously unpublished, non-professional images; no copyrighted photos accepted. Photos become property of GRRSM and reserves the right to use pictures submitted in our newsletter, on our website, and in other publications

Questions? Contact Pat at 240.925.8817.

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Online Auction – Items Needed!


GRRSM will be hosting an online auction to raise money for goldens in need. The online auction will run from 6/18 – 6/25 on Facebook. If you are interested in donating a basket, service, or other item please message me or email me at kimjthomas18@yahoo.com.   Last year we had all kinds of items from art work, crab pots, poker tables, goodies for pups. Items will be posted on Facebook and you will have 1 week to bid on them. More details to follow. Help us to continue being able to save lives!

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BradyFrom Barb Hayter, “Brady crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. We loved this little boy so much and he will be greatly missed. He loved his toys….and he loved us. Thank you, Brady.”

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Zoe is Ready for her Furever Family

Zoe 3Two year old Zoe is ready for her furever family. Her foster mom writes, “Zoe is a love bug, she loves to be petted and just loves to be with people. She likes to talk back to dogs on the TV. She likes to nudge your arm because she just wants to be close to you. Zoe loves to sit on the couch right beside you. She has very good meal and treat behavior. She is just so sweet and minds very well. I would say Zoe is a velcro dog. She gets along great with dogs and likes to play with them. No experience with cats. She loves kids. I would say she needs a fence even though she just wants to be next to you I think she would run after a squirrel or deer because she likes to look at them through my fence and bark. She can be a digger but once you tell her to stop she does. She walks find on a leash. She is house trained.”

Zoe 1

Zoe is healthy and happy. She is from Turkey and since we don’t know her background only applicants with no, or older children, will be considered.

Her adoption fee is $600.
Zoe 2

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Pups Currently in Rescue

We’re often asked, “Why aren’t more dogs posted as available for adoption?” It’s because pups need to have vet care and training before they are adopted. Here are pups currently in rescue:

Mae and Zoe

Mae (left) is about 4 years old and ready for adoption.

Zoe (right) is about 2 years old and ready for adoption.


Indy is an older adult. We are awaiting lab results for three lumps that were removed.

Rafa and Ginny

Rafa is an adult female who is midway through heartworm treatment and will be ready for adoption in about 3 months.


15 year old Max is in hospice foster and it is expected we will soon be helping him cross Rainbow Bridge.
Henry 7

Henry, who is about 7 years old, recently completed a two week board and train program and will soon be ready for his furever family.

Rose is an adult female who needs to undergo heartworm treatment which means it will be 5 or 6 months before she is ready for adoption.


Lucky is an older boy who was badly matted and had to be shaved. He needs to be treated for heartworms and, like Rose, will be ready for adoption in 5 or 6 months.

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My Dog Can Do That!

The Potomac Valley Standard Schnauzer Club will offer titling tests for TDI, CGC, CGC-A, AKC STAR Puppy and all three levels of AKC Trick Dog on June 18, at Veteran’s Park, Woodbridge, VA. Tests are open to all breeds and mixed breeds. Tests for TDI, CGC and STAR Puppy will start at 9:30 AM. AKC Trick Dog testing will be in the afternoon.

Pre-registration is recommended, and required for TDI testing. Click here for the sign-up form.

Due to test requirements and nature of the site, the event will be cancelled if severe weather is predicted. You will be notified by email and all fees will be refunded.)

Questions? – Email Rosemary Miller or text her at 703-401-6887.

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Dog Tracking Seminar

Saint Mary’s County Md. Dept. of Recreation and Parks is sponsoring a Dog Tracking Seminar as a community service.
Seminar Date: July 22 Rain Date July 29…………………Seminar length should be around 2-3 hours

Teach your dog to follow the scent trail left by a person or animal.

This seminar will be held on a non-rain day. We will be out working in the fields. Please plan to bring appropriate clothing (including footwear). Lecture portion of the seminar will be held in an unheated building. Bathroom facility will be provided. Working dogs will need to have a non-restrictive body harness also please bring a 6′ leash and a flat buckle collar or choke chain for your dog. If you are in the working dog group you will also need 2 scent articles of leather or fabric which will have your scent on them. Place the scent articles next to your skin prior to arriving at the seminar. You will also need lots and lots of small treats for the dog, something soft that the dog can easily eat quickly.
DOGS: Participating dogs may be crated inside the lecture building. Non-participating dogs should be left at home unless they will be comfortable and quiet residing in your vehicle throughout the seminar. All dogs welcome to be walked on leash during breaks. You are responsible for picking up after your dogs.
No bitches in season allowed. If your bitch comes in season. You will have the option of: bringing a different dog, receiving a refund, or changing status from working participant to auditor (and partial refund). Your bitch in season should stay home. (Though it’s a good training experience to see if your male dog will work in the presence of a female in season, we don’t want to risk someone’s first time exposure to tracking with a challenge that difficult.)

The training site will be held at the Saint Mary’s County Fair Grounds. The start time will be at 8am and last 2 to 3 hours. If it is scheduled to rain then the seminar will be held the following Saturday. There will be 6 slots for working dogs and unlimited auditor slots. Working slots are on a first come basis. Fresh water will be provided for the dogs but you are encouraged to bring water for yourself and your dogs.

Cost: Working slots limited to 6: 40.00 per dog.
Auditor unlimited $25.00

FMI 301-475-4200 ext. 1802
or visit their web site:


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Recently Adopted Cara (Roxy) and Alice (Bonham)


You wouldn’t know these two have only known each other for a could of weeks!

Both girls adopted by Rob and Michelle.

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Maverick had just arrived to the USA from Okinawa and was diagnosed with nasal cancer that made it hard for him to breath, so he was helped across the Rainbow Bridge by his foster to adopt dad.

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Canine Biggest Loser Weight Loss Tip # 9


Lot’s of us give our pups bully sticks. The caloric content range for the treats they tested ranged from 9 to 22 calories per inch, which researchers said works out to 88 calories contained in the average 6-inch bully stick. For a 50-pound dog, the 88 calories amounts to 9 percent of its daily diet.

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Mae is Ready for her Furever Family

Mae and Zoe copy

Mae (left) is ADORABLE.

M 1

She is estimated to be 3 or 4 years old, weighs 68 lbs, and is in excellent health.
M 2

She is very sweet and lovable, is fully house trained, and seems to have had some obedience training previously as she walks well on a leash, will sit for a treat, stands by the door to go outside and is generally very obedient. She is a little too fascinated by cats, so would do better in a home without cats.

She hasn’t had the opportunity to be around any children as yet and since we don’t know her background it is advisable that she not go to a home with small children.

She gets along well with her two canine foster siblings, has discovered toys are to play with and enjoys the freedom to run about the yard and roll in the grass.

M 3

Mae is very smart too as it only took her a day to figure out how to use the doggie door. She barks occasionally when she sees someone passing by but may be influenced by my 2 barking pups.

She is not afraid of the vacuum cleaner or other loud noises and she is a good eater and sleeps soundly on her comfy dog bed.

Mae is ready to find her furever family and live happily ever after in the good old USA with someone who will love her, treat her well and she’ll never again have to worry where her next meal will come from. Mae will love you to the moon and back if you adopt her.

Please only submit an application after you have read our Adoption Guide and if you:

Have a physically fenced yard
A canine playmate as Mae is used to living with other dogs
Someone is home much of the day.
Live in the Southern Maryland area as a home visit is required.

Her adoption fee is $600 to help defray some of the cost of transporting her from Turkey to the USA.

More information is available at
M 4

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