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Lynch Creek Farm Greenery Fundraiser 2018

The Annual GRRSM Holiday Greenery Fundraiser is now active!



Lynch Creek Farms make beauitufl wreaths, garlands and centerpices to decorate your home for the Harvest and Winter Holidays.  These wreaths, centerpieces, tabletop trees, and garland are living, breathing decorations for the holiday season! They are truly fragrant and substancial works of art!


You can also purchase and ship directly to friends and family as a gift.



Just visit our GRRSM site at https://www.lcffundraising.com/teams/147129-golden-retriever-rescue-of-southern-maryland

Browse the many selections and pick your favorites.  You select the delivery date and the items are shipped directly to you or to friends & family.  Your items will arrive well packaged and when you open the box the smell of balsam will smack you in the face!!  I love it each year!!  GRRSM earsn 20% of all sales.

Please pass the word and share our fundraiser with your friends & family.



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Thank You MJ

MJ is the rescue’s newest board member and she is Transportation Coordinator, so she does a fair amount of picking up and delivering pups to their foster home. Earlier this year she made the trek to JFK to pick up the five pups from China.

She works full time as a secret agent or something like that. She has a gun on the job, but she has a softer side where she creates all kinds of cool crafts with her mother in law. I thought of her a lot this summer when I played corn hole with the boards she painted.

She and her husband Ryan, have two pups from the rescue.

Thank you MJ for being part of the GRRSM family.

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Henry and something soft

So SWEET! 😭❤ @henry_is_golden 🐶 #PUPFLIX

Posted by Pupflix on Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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Thank You Ellen Rehmann

I was going to post my thank you to Ellen yesterday, but after she and her pup were attacked by a neighbor’s dog, I thought she might not see this. We all hope you and River are feeling better.

Ellen has had a rough year after her husband and mother passed away, and then the scary attack.

Ellen has been doing home visits for our rescue and Goldheart for several years. I contacted her not long after her beloved Ken had died to do a home visit and at first she said “No.” She wasn’t ready.

Ellen is such a good, thorough, knowledgeable home visitor, I wasn’t going to lose her. After all, goldens NEED Ellen.

After a few weeks Ellen was back doing home visits for the rescue which is pretty amazing as when you are grieving sometimes it’s hard to even get out of bed.

I live in the bowels of St Mary’s County which is a challenge as the Foster, Adoption and Home Visitor Coordinator as the vast majority of our prospective adopters live north of me. Ellen is one of my go to home visitors in and around the Bowie area.

She knows a lot about holistic approaches to golden care and shares her knowledge with would be adopters. If a prospective adopter isn’t interested in learning about caring for a golden, then we aren’t interested in placing one of our pups with them.

Ellen also sent a generous donation to sponsor goldens from Puerto Rico. (There has been an extended delay as the rescue leader there was scheduled to have a serious surgery. The surgery was delayed, so it’s kind of up in the air as to when the PR Pups will come, but we’ll be ready when they do.)

Ellen may have done your home visit as she does a lot of them. You may also have met her at the annual meeting or holiday luncheon.

We are fortunate to have Ellen as a member of the Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland family.

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Thank You Sarah Tuck

On this chilly day I’d like to send warm appreciation to Sarah Tuck. Sarah started out as an adopter with the rescue adopting Trigger, whose original owner said had seizures, which many would be hesitant to handle; yet she adopted Trigger who didn’t have any more seizures after being adopted. The same year Sarah adopted Casey. Both Casey and Trigger have crossed the bridge.

Sarah is always willing to foster and often helps with transports.

You likely know her from Dog Park Meet Ups, the holiday luncheon or the annual meeting.

Her partner, Bill, flew Poppi, now Austin, from SC to MD a few years ago.

Sarah is also a generous contributor to rescue fundraising efforts.

We are blessed to have long time volunteers like Sarah.

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Thank You Ginny Hinders and April Alterie

There are lots of things I could thank these two wonderful women for over the years, but I want to thank them for their kind hearts.

This year the rescue has taken in two senior pups who had serious health issues and, while we have folks who might have adopted them, once they were as healthy as they were going to be, in consultation with their foster families, it was decided not to add stress to their life by adopting them to a new family for just a few short months.

Chew, fostered by Karin Carlson, and Annie, fostered by Becky Minnich and Doris Wright, were these two pups.

It’s easy to fall in love with these senior pups; however, the responsibility to help them cross Rainbow Bridge is never easy.

Without being asked, Ginny went with Karin, and April was at the vet clinic to be with Becky when the time came, providing love and reassurance to both the pups and their foster moms.

Makes me tear up thinking about their selflessness.

Please join me in thanking Ginny and April for their kind hearts!

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Thank You Liz Pike

As we approach the holiday of giving thanks, I’d like to give a shout out to Liz Pike.

Liz is a board member at large and can be counted to host board meetings, set up and clean up at events such as the holiday potluck and annual meeting, and sew buttons on dog scarves.

She has hosted dog park meet ups in Charles County.

Her willingness to coordinate the craft show at Thomas Stone High School enabled the rescue to participate in a show in Charles County.

Liz is a much appreciated “worker bee”. Thank you Liz.

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Thank You Barb Hayter

I met Barb and John Hayter a couple of years ago when they were interested in adopting a golden. My sister Deb was visiting and we did their home visit. They didn’t have a physical fence or a canine companion, but we just knew they were “golden people”. Their pups are their kids.

They soon adopted Chloe, a pup from Turkey.

And became a truly international dog family when they adopted Remi.

Poor Chloe had an ovary saving spay in Turkey which is where she still goes into heat, but can’t have puppies (common overseas). For a while the vets here in the states did not know what was going on. Then she had spay surgery which is really challenging when the uterus has been removed as it’s more of an exploratory surgery as the vet has to look for the small ovaries. Healing was slow and after several trips to the ER and regular vets Chloe is finally healed.

Meanwhile, Remi, ended up being the most timid golden of the five from China. It has taken months for him to settle in.

John and Barb have diligently cared for both of their fur kids and did not give up on them.

You all know Barb from her regular posts and photos of her pups in this group.

You may or may not know she and John are very supportive of the rescue’s fundraising efforts donating all kinds of cute things to be auctioned or sold. (Barb is a shopping pro.)

You may also have met her at dog park meet ups.

Please join me in thanking Barb and John for their support of GRRSM.

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