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Annual Meeting Auction

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the annual meeting tomorrow. As part of the auction we will have an auction to help defray some of the costs of our recent China Dog rescue.

If you plan to bid, please bring your checkbook, cash or pay by paypal as we don’t have the capability to do credit cards. In the past we have let winning bidders take their items home and some have failed to pay the rescue even after reminders:(

C U 2 morrow.

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Amazing Pups – Successful Rescue

From Together For Animals in China

“A total of 96 Chinese golden retrievers were rescued from slaughter houses. There are currently five organizations working with the United States Special Assistance Organization for Golden Retriever. Chinese slaughterhouses are mostly golden-haired because they are docile and easy to steal, working with them in the country not only to help transport the golden retriever, but also to sterilize stray animals and launch concerts and promotional activities.”

We are one of the five rescues.

Thank you to Laura Woodburn, Bryan Abell, Kim Thomas, Becky and MJ Minnich for making the trek to JFK with me and to Susan, Becky M, Laura, Barb and John and Billy for fostering.

It is a wonderful feeling to be a part of saving these five from the meat market in China. We hope to be able to help more.

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Proposed Slate of GRRSM Officers for 2018 – 2020

This is an election year for Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland. We propose the following slate of talented golden lovers to serve on the board and will vote on this slate. Nominations of anyone who might want to challenge for one of these seats will be taken at the annual meeting this Saturday, February 24th from 130 – 330 pm at the Charlotte Hall Library.

President – Kim Adams

I have always had a love for all animals.  After learning about rescue, I knew I had to be involved somehow.  Goldens come to GRRSM for many reasons, and I love hearing the stories of how these pups blossom after they have been adopted and in their fur-ever home. I have been involved with GRRSM as a volunteer or on the board for 9 years.  My goals for GRRSM are to continue saving lives and finding top notch homes for goldens that find their selves in the situation of needing rescue.  To maintain a community for former adopters and golden lovers to network, educate, and share their rescue stories.






Member at Large – Joe Johnson


I love golden retrievers, well all dogs. I’ve been involved with goldenr rescue since the early 90s. I’ve fostered, transported, trained, set up events, worked at fundraisers, been on the board since GRRSM began. I do whatever I can to help.

Board Member at Large – Al Huey


I get to meet new dogs.

Started with GRREAT in 1990.

Continue to help dogs.





Intake/Foster/Adoption Coordinator – Pat Johnson


Before founding Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland I volunteered with SEVA GRREAT, GRREAT and SMAWL. I was the Intake/Foster Coordinator for nine years. I’ve been rescue President for 11 years. I was afraid of dogs before we got our first golden, Steve, who is the dog on the rescue’s logo. Now I’m gaga for goldens. My goals for the upcoming year is to expand our team of top notch foster families.




Events Coordinator – Jean Huey


I have been involved with rescuing golden retrievers since the 1990s.  When I saw the announcement in the Enterprise that Pat Johnson was forming a Golden Retriever Rescue locally I knew I had to check it out.  It was February 2007.  I’ve been the Events Coordinator since 2009 and like being out in the public events sharing  information about our golden retriever rescue and educating people on what is involved in caring for a pet.  My goal for GRRSM continues to be making sure the Tri-county area knows we exist and can turn to us when that hard decision has to be made to give up a golden retriever.






Member at Large – Becky Minnich


I help with the rescue because I just love dogs, especially golden retrievers and I want all of them to have a great life and a loving family. I have been involved with the rescue for 6 years.  My goals for 2018 is to continue to rescue dogs, raise funds to be able to take in as many dogs as possible and would love to find more people to join this awesome group.





Transport Coordinator – MJ Epstein


I became involved in the rescue through my mother in law, Becky Minnich. I have always had a passion for dogs and had never been involved in an organized group. Becky introduced me to the rescue in 2014 and fell in love with the people and the mission. I see the GRRSM finding more dog lovers to get involved so we can raise more money and help as many dogs as possible. I think it’s awesome that we have already helped dogs all over the US and now internationally. I believe that we can continue that positive motion and help every golden that needs us.




Member at Large – Liz Pike


I have been part of the Golden Retriever Rescue for  5 years.  I became involved  when we adopted Luke..  I started helping out at events and really liked the organization.  We look to find the best matches and home for our Golden’s.  When I see how the dogs change with love and kindness and good care It makes me happy to know all of us had something to do with that.  My goals for GRRSM

Is to hopefully keep finding dogs new homes and also a community for people with Golden’s to socialize and learn about our pups






Treasurer – Barb Saylor


I never really knew anything about animal rescue before I moved to MD.  My very persuasive neighbor invited me to join her when she was working with another rescue and I just felt like I was doing something important.  When said neighbor decided to start a golden rescue, she asked me if I would be willing to be on the organization’s “paperwork”.  I have had the privilege to be with the rescue since  the beginning.  As the treasurer, I don’t do any of the heavy lifting that this rescue does, but I still remain proud and humbled to be a part of this rescue community that does amazing things and to help in any way I can.



Membership/Secretary – Peggy Dziewit



GRRSM does so much for Goldens in need, and also for the members of GRRSM.  I’ve learned so much from the information shared on the blog and Facebook page.  I’ve really enjoyed volunteering as a foster and board member.  Being part of a group that focuses on doing something good is very gratifying.  I’ve been involved with GRRSM since the summer of 2011, when we adopted our first Golden from GRRSM.Since then we’ve adopted 4 more Goldens, fostered many, and I’ve held 2 board positions. My goal is to continue supporting GRRSM in various ways.



Member at Large – Ginny Hinders


I have been involved in rescue since we adopted Raine in August 2013.  I have always had a love for animals and after adopting Raine I wanted to paw it forward.  I started transporting and doing home visits with gradually morphed into more.  Most recently I have been intake coordinator.  My goal for the rescue is to help Goldens in need – not just the pretty ones – but to make sure the others don’t fall through the cracks – especially the ones that may need a little more – more love, more patience, more medical.  My hope is that we continue to grow our GRRSM family as our fosters, transporters, volunteers and supporters enable us to keep helping pups in need.


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Sugar Update

Senior girl, Sugar, has quickly settled in with her foster family. She has a vet appointment on Tuesday and if all goes well, she will be ready for adoption. Thank you Debbie and family for fostering her.

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Favorite Dog Street

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