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Annual GRRSM Greenery Fundraiser



Our annual Greenery Sale is open and ready to receive your Harvest and Winter Holiday orders. GRRSM partners with Lynch Creek Farm where you can order beautiful wreaths, garlands, centerpieces to decorate your home for the holidays. Or, you can send items to family and friends as gifts. You select the delivery date and the greenery is shipped directly to your front door. Online ordering makes it so easy and GRRSM receives 20% of all sales.

Just go to https://www.lynchcreekfundraising.com/teams/103443-golden-retriever-rescue-of-southern-maryland?fundraiser_id=417680 and click Shop Now.



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Everyone Needs: Zymox

zymoxGoldens get ear infections. If yours does, this over the counter product, recommended by our vet, will treat yeast, bacterial and fungal infections. Infections quickly caught usually 12 drops once per day for a week is enough. Stubborn infections treat for 14 days.

If you need to take your pup to the vet for an ear infection, please ask for one that does not cause hearing loss. Some common ear drips that can cause hearing loss include:




Remember to always ask your vet about side effects of any medications and then read the package insert to be sure.

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Does Your Dog Need More Taurine?

My second golden almost died from lack of this supplement. The canine cardiologist said if she didn’t respond to taurine and other amino acid supplements she would cross the bridge in two months. Fortunately she did respond, but it is the reason I don’t feed kibble any more.

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Researchers getting closer to understanding dietary taurine and heart disease in dogs

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Khloe Update

Khloe first night

From Khloe’s new mom and dad ~ Khloe is doing so great so far. After about two hours this morning, she had to lay down to chew her toy!!! Haha!
Thanks Pat, for your heart for goldens.

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Congratulations to Khloe


Nine month old golden girl Khloe was adopted today by Sam and John. Khloe has a new black lab sister and playmate.

Thank you to Glenda and Tom for fostering her and to their two senior canine goldens for being tolerant of puppy antics.

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Taurine and Heart Disease

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Happy Monday

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