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Three Scoops of Vanilla ONE DAY ONLY FUNDRAISER


Just in time for Mother’s Day gifts, GRRSMs Three Scoops of Vanilla One Day Only Fundraiser will be held Friday, April 28th.

Erin Furman is the Artisan behind Three Scoops of Vanilla, she combines her love of jewelry and animal rescues and makes beautiful animal-inspired jewelry.

25% of TOTAL orders that come in that day will be donated back to GRRSM.

Our featured piece is the bracelet on the flyer it is called “Life Is Golden”   It will be sold for $45 of which $15 for each one sold will be donated back to GRRSM.

This jewelry is made to last, they are beautiful pieces, and even more so in person.

Orders are placed here and shipped directly to you: https://three-scoops-of-vanilla.myshopify.com/collections

Let me know if you have any questions.


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Have You Seen a Hovawart?


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Guess Where Maverick Is

Guess Where

We know Maverick, who recently arrived from Okinawa, likes to travel. His new human has a motor home. Can you guess where Maverick is this week? (Hint: not Maryland)

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Thank You Dr Forrest


It was good seeing everyone at the holistic vet care workshop today. I’d like to share with Dr. Forrest some of our “take aways” from him presentation and question and answers. If you attended today will you take a minute to post one thing you learned or appreciated hearing at today’s workshop? You can post here or on the rescue’s Facebook page and I’ll combine and include in a thank you note to him.

I really appreciated him telling us the names of the 4 kibbles that he says are best because they are cooked at low temperature:
1. Orijen
2. Acana
3. Canadae
4. Did someone write it down? The one from PA that has low fat diets that he carries at Wags N Wash.

I liked the reminder about cooking rather than giving raw food to senior dogs since raw is harder for senior dogs to process.

I also liked knowing that golden retriever puppies should be on a large breed kibble until they are 10 months old and then can be transitioned to raw, freeze dried, dehydrated or canned (which Dr. Forrest listed in that order for being healthiest for your golden.

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Early detection to target hemangiosarcoma cells in dogs: The Shine On Project

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Attention St Mary’s County Animal Lovers

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How many of you have been to Tricounty Animal Shelter, the facility that serves our local homeless animals? It’s a 53 year old facility that is dark, dirty, un air conditioned, hard to find and FAR away.

Calvert county, who already has two private animal shelters, has already decided to build a new facility. Charles county has finished a study on whether is it more cost effective to renovate the existing shelter or build a new one (Build a new one is cheaper!) They also already have a private, non profit shelter.

St Mary’s County Commissioners, who does NOT have a private shelter, has just begun a feasibility study to look at the possibility of building a shelter for OUR pups in OUR community. They need to hear from YOU. Please send the county commissioners an email saying you support the project. Send email to csmc@stmarysmd.com. It doesn’t have to be lengthy. Here’s the email Joe and I sent.

Hello Commissioner Guy, Jarboe, Hewitt, O’Connor and Morgan,

For too long our local animals have been transported to Charles County and remained out of sight and out of mind.

Attitudes towards companion animals has shifted dramatically in the past ten years. Our county can easily support the funding and operational costs of a new shelter.

A shelter board of directors including representatives from the shelter, animal control (which would be housed within the shelter), local volunteer animal welfare organizations, veterinarians, county government and perhaps even business could be formed to provide broad oversight, financial, programmatic and operational support.

We hope you will seriously consider the option of OUR county having OUR own animal shelter to care for OUR homeless animals.

Thank you for the leadership you provide to the county.

Pat and Joe Johnson
Valley Lee, Maryland

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a state of the art shelter you WANTED to visit? Maybe adjacent to a pet store, grooming, training and vet facility? Like a companion animal mall? Where kids could learn how to be kind to animals and seniors could spend a morning socializing cats and kittens. A NO Kill St Mary’s could be in our future if our commissioners hear animals lovers like us ROAR our support.


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Chewies Brought by Petsmart

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“Listen” to Your Dog


I’ve brushed Madeline’s teeth pretty much every night since she came to rescue 8+ years ago. Last year she cracked a molar and had to have it extracted. After it healed I started to brush again, but she was hesitant about me brushing that side, so I just sort of avoided her upper left teeth when I brushed.

Every now and again I would try to brush the area again, but she would twist and turn her head, so I assumed she’d keep her teeth clean by gnawing on raw marrow bones and bully sticks.

At her annual check up a couple of months ago I mentioned to the vet that Maddie wouldn’t let me brush her teeth on the upper left side and the vet said it was obvious as her teeth looked great everywhere else, but here, plus it looked like just the beginning of periodontal disease was starting. He said he couldn’t see anything wrong, but recommended another dental.

My cynical self sees dentals as money makers for dentists as they are freaking expensive. The estimate for Maddie’s dental was $360.

I dilly dallied about making an appointment. She still wouldn’t let me brush there.

Yesterday she had her teeth cleaned and had a bone spur removed that was likely from the molar that was removed last year and likely painful.

Lesson learned for me?

“Listen” to my pups. Madeline was telling me she had a problem and I let it go for months. I’ll try to listen better in the future.

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