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September is Dog Mom’s Bakery Fundraiser Month!!!!

For the entire month of September support GRRSM through an order from Dog Mom’s Bakery.

“Every little bit helps” are perfect little snacks or training treats.  You will receive two bags of treats for $15 and 50% is donated to GRRSM. (You can also freeze these for later.)

GRRSM will also receive 20% of any regularly priced item found on Dog Mom’s Bakery’s website.

To order the Little Bits snacks you can use this direct link for GRRSM.


If you would like to order a September Treat Box, theme is a Pizza Pawtry!  You can use this direct link.


Any other items you add to your cart GRRSM will receive 20% but you will need to add GRRSM to the notes to shipper box when checking out or email Michelle@DogMomsBakery.com and let her know you just placed an order for GRRSM.


Dogs LOVE these treats!  The treats are handmade and decorated using fresh and healthy ingredients.

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Hurricane Season Safety Tips

Now is the time to prepare for you and your pets in the need to evacuate your home and if you are staying put there are preparations you should make as well.

1. Make a Plan

Simply put, be prepared. Decide on a course of action and make sure you can initiate it at a moment’s notice. Have supplies set aside in a safe, easily accessible place. Have items on a counter or table for easy access, make sure flashlights work.  Opt for battery powered lanterns and candles instead of fire.  Look for pet friendly hotels near you ahead of time.

2. Make a Kit with Supplies

  • Make sure all pets wear collars and tags with up-to-date identification information. Your pet’s ID tag should contain his name, telephone number and any urgent medical needs. Be sure to also write your pet’s name, your name and contact information on your pet’s carrier if using.
  • Always bring pets indoors at the first sign or warning of a storm or disaster. Pets can become disoriented and wander away from home in a crisis.
  • Store an emergency kit and leashes as close to an exit as possible. Make sure that everyone in the family knows where it is, and that it clearly labeled and easy to carry. Items to consider keeping in or near your “Evac-Pack” include:
    • Pet first-aid kit
    • 3-7 days’ worth of food
    • Liquid dish soap and disinfectant
    • Disposable garbage bags for clean-up
    • Pet feeding dishes and water bowls
    • Photocopies and/or USB of medical records and a waterproof container with a two-week supply of any medicine your pet requires (Remember, food and medications need to be rotated out of your emergency kit—otherwise they may go bad or become useless)
    • At least seven days’ worth of bottled water for each person and pet
    • Flashlight
    • Blanket
    • Recent photos of your pets
    • Toys and chews

3. Staying In

If you’re staying home to ride out the storm, it is recommended to keep your pet on leash when you go outside to potty.  You could have damage to your fence or other hazards.  You may also need to use CBD Oil or melatonin to calm down your pets anxiety and fear.

4. Stay Calm

Whether you leave early, choose to stay, or are required to evacuate due to the storm’s severity or due to house damage, remember to stay calm. Your pet can sense your emotions, so a calming demeanor can lead to a less-panicked pet.

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Sugar Crossed Rainbow Bridge

From, Deborah, Sugar’s Mom,

Ms sugar went to heaven this afternoon hopefully Jake is waiting for her I’m devastated I’m shocked I loved my sugar bear omg

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Could Your Dog Food Cause Heart Disease?

OOPS!  I totally missed the article to go in the Fall Newsletter with the DCM picture.   Sorry Pat! 

Please see the article below written by Pat Johnson Foster & Adoption Coordinator & Founder.

About ten years ago, my second golden, Holly, went in for surgery for an ACL tear. While there the vet found a heart murmur, delayed the surgery and sent us to a canine cardiologist where we learned she had Cardiomyopathy.

The cardiologist told us to buy some taurine and L carnitan supplements and told us if she was alive in two months to reschedule an appointment.

Wow! Was that a scary time. We faithfully gave Holly supplements and made a recheck appointment.The cardiologist did not recommend a diet change.

Fast forward to today.

Dietary Taurine-Deficient Dilated Cardiomyopathy is a condition affecting a rapidly increasing number of dogs in which the heart becomes enlarged and cannot pump blood efficiently, leading to decreased heart function affecting the lungs, liver, and other body systems. Taurine Deficient DCM is one of several cardiomyopathies, a group of diseases that affect primarily the myocardium, aka the muscle of the heart.

An echocardiogram is the gold standard for diagnosing Taurine Deficient DCM. However, taurine deficiency will not be identified by echocardiogram. The length of time a dog must be deficient prior to developing DCM is unknown and varies from dog to dog. Therefore, if concerned about a diet that you are feeding, the taurine test is a reasonable and appropriate first step. If taurine is normal then the echocardiogram becomes optional. Having a normal echo without taurine test does not mean that your dog is not taurine deficient and it does not mean that your dog will be free from taurine deficient DCM in the coming weeks, months, or years.

In addition to diet, Dr. Stern who is researching this topic at UC Davis, suspects genetic factors might be involved in increasing the risk of this conditions within the golden retrievers breed.

“I suspect that golden retrievers might have something in their genetic make-up that makes them less efficient at making taurine,” said Dr. Stern. “Couple that with certain diets, and you’ve given them a double hit. If you feed them a diet that has fewer building blocks for taurine or a food component that inhibits this synthesis, they pop up with DCM.”

If  you can change your dog’s food to one that does  not have peas, legumes, potatoes or sweet potatoes, that’s a good start. Adding a can of sardines each week or an egg each day is also a good idea.

Your vet can do a taurine test. It cost $260 at my vet. We are going to test Keagan at his upcoming annual checkup as until recently we fed a lot of Honest Kitchen which is filled with potatoes and peas.

To learn more, Dr. Stern has a Facebook group you can join https://www.facebook.com/groups/1952593284998859/

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Congrats to Foxy

Congratulations to Foxy, the Flat Coated Retriever on the left, who was adopted today by Deborah B, who adopted senior girl, Sugar, earlier this year. Since Sugar’s canine brother Jake died a few weeks Sugar has been very sad.

Hoping Foxy and Sugar become BFFs.

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Meet Foxy, the Flat Coated Retriever

Foxy is a flat coated retriever. Flat coated retriever look like black golden retrievers and have the sweet, easy going disposition we all love. When we learned she would be taken to the shelter where owner surrenders are the first to be euthanized, how could we say “no”? We rescue dogs from all over the world and here is one in our own back yard in Solomons in need.

Foxy has had a rough year. Her original human died. Mom of original human took Foxy into her home about a year ago. However, mom, who is a senior, could not give Foxy any exercise because she is ill. Foxy spent the day eating Beneful, a food full of crap, and cat food and gained 20 lbs. She currently weighs 105 lbs.

Her foster mom and dad, Peggy and Paul have already gotten her to the vet where we learned she has a urinary tract infection. We also did blood work as if she has a thyroid issue the weight will come right off with a daily, low cost pill. We’ll get results in a few days. Right now, one of our volunteers described her as looking like a “footstool”.

Foxy is 6.5 years old. Her beautiful coat is shaved in this photo, but will grow back.

She is very sweet. She lived with Jelly Bean, a cat who she loved very much, so we know she is good with cats. She loved her human mother.

She has a crush on Zeki, Peggy and Paul’s rescue pup from Turkey and is doing fine with the rest of Peggy and Paul’s pack.

We’ll give Foxy a few days to settle in and then she will be available for adoption.

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Lannie Crosses Rainbow Bridge

Today I lost Lannie the other half of the Lannie/ Rumble duo.
She has been failing all summer. For the first time this morning she would not eat and
when I went home mid morning to check on her she had passed. I attached a recent picture
that shows how frail she was. Very sad day here!!


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