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Falkor is Ready for Adoption!

Description about the dog: Falkor is named after the dragon from the movie the Never Ending Story. He is a young and playful typical golden ready to find his furever home.

Gender: Male

Age:3  years

Weight: ~73 lbs

Health: Up to date on shots, neutered, and heartworm negative.

Personality: Falkor is a sweet, smart, loving, curious, and playful golden.

Favorite Toys / Games: Falkor likes softer toys to destuff and tennis balls to fetch. He will pick up shoes and other objects to walk around with but seems to only like to chew on softer items such as socks and paper towels.

Behavior in Car: does well in car. no car sickness noted though rides with foster family have been short.

Interaction with dogs: Falkor is friendly with other dogs. Some dogs may find his exuberance to be overwhelming so he would be best matched with another canine companion of equal enthusiasm.

Interaction with cats: unknown to foster family but based on personality he would probably chase them.

Interaction with children: unknown to foster family. Falkor is very sweet but he is strong and has a tendency to jump so would recommend a home with no or older children.

Food and Treats: Falkor has not been picky or had stomach issues with any of the food or treats we have given him.

Fence requirements: needs a physical fenced in yard for exercise and play.

People requirements: looking for an active family who will provide Falkor with lots of exercise and continue to work with Falkor on training such as not jumping and leash manners.

Leash Manners: not much of a puller but also does not appear to be formally trained.

House trained: yes.

Exercise Requirements: Falkor is a young golden with energy to spare. He is looking for someone to play fetch and take him for walks and another playful dog companion to chase.

Available date: Now

Adoption fee: $400

May 19, 2019   1 Comment

Cash Update

Here are a couple of photos of Cash meeting his temporary mom. He’s been to the vet already where it was confirmed what we could clearly see, he needs surgery to repair a painful condition called “Entropion” where the lower eyelids roll into the eye. Since inherited, poor Cash has spent his entire life with his eyes in pain. He has some cream to help until tomorrow when he will have surgery to repair.

Today he goes to the groomers.

He’s a big, red, gentle boy who was initially pretty overwhelmed with Becky’s pack, but within an hour was helping Becky’s mom, Doris, quilt,

and chilling on the sofa.

January 9, 2019   No Comments

Meet Cash

Cash is a 6 year old neutered male whose owners do not have enough time for.

He is good with children. Has been missing his canine playmate who moved away.

Becky is going to foster him for a couple of days until Debbie D returns to foster him.

After he is checked out by the vet and we get to know him, Cash will be available for adoption.

January 7, 2019   1 Comment

Charlie is Ready for his Furever Family

Charlie is about four years old and found himself spending the holiday at the shelter. Staff was sure his owners would come for him as he’s such a sweetheart.
However, no one came.

Charlie is good with other dogs, loves to go for walks and likes to snuggle with his foster mom.

He’s a talker and will keep burglars at bay!

Application is on this website.

January 6, 2019   No Comments

Meet Lady Liberty

Who we will call “Libby” as her nickname. Libby is one of 5 goldens who will be coming from China the beginning of the month. Donna B donated $100 to name her. We should soon know who are other 4 pups are and they will all need names.

January 6, 2019   No Comments

What a Difference a Day Makes

Eight year old Nani is settling into her foster home after not eating for a day and sleeping with her foster mom, Pam. It’s confusing for a pup to live with one family all of their life and then their life is turned upside down.

Pam reports Nani is now eating and playing with toys, had a good brushing and some walks. As you can see Miss Nani is well overweight. We are having her thyroid tested along with her regular bloodwork as 25% of goldens need thyroid supplementation as they get older. Weight gain is a sign of low thyroid levels.

She has a vet appointment today and a grooming appointment on Sunday.

If all goes well she will be ready for adoption soon.

We will post what she needs in a new forever family as her foster mom gets to know her.

Thank you Pam L for inviting Nani into your home during the holidays.

December 19, 2018   2 Comments

Welcome Charlie

Welcome Charlie.

Well actually the shelter called him “Goldie”, but that’s kind of a generic name for goldens who come into the shelter as strays. His foster mom, and I think he looks like a Charlie.

Charlie came into the Prince George’s Animal Shelter as a stray on November 24th. The shelter waited and waited as they were sure his family was looking for him and would come to get him as he’s “as nice as can be”, but they did not, so they shelter called us.

What we know so far:

Estimated to be around 4 years old.
Good with other dogs.
Healthy – heartworm negative, fecal neg. Current on vax.

We will have him checked out by our vet and do blood work.

He is being treated for a mild case of kennel cough.

Seems to be house trained.

Counter surfs.

Thank you Glenda for picking him up and fostering him.

Yes, he does have some black spots on his tongue. That does not mean he is a chow. Here is an article about spotted dogs and breeds (including goldens) who often have them. spotted tongues

December 7, 2018   No Comments

Continued Prayers for Micah

Update: Micah was diagnosed with leptospirosis after several days at the ER vet hospital. He’s still not out of the woods, but is home where he wanted to be with his family, eating and playing a bit. Good news!

Micah needs more prayers and healing energy. His kidney values are worse today. He’s been at the ER vet since Friday. Robin, his mom, could use some virtual hugs too.

October 24, 2018   No Comments

Welcome Louie and Emma

Eight month old Emma and three year old Louie are new to the rescue and ready to find their fur ever families. Since they are young they need a physical fence and a young canine playmate to help them burn off their puppy energy.

Here’s a video of Emma playing with her foster siblings Emma at play

And here is one of Louie with his foster brother Louie

October 23, 2018   No Comments

Prayers for Annie

Please send love and prayers to Annie and her foster mom’s Becky Wright Minnich and Doris Wright who will be helping Annie cross Rainbow Bridge this afternoon at 3 pm. Senior Annie came to rescue as a stray. She was heartworm positive and had a cancerous tumor removed. The picture in the field shows her shaved because she was so matted. The vet did not get all of the tumor since it was on her arms so we knew Annie had limited time. Annie has been well loved in her several months with Doris and Becky and their pups.

Annie took some trips to Ohio with her foster family. In this photo, Annie went to a playdate with another senior, Chew. Annie loves playing with her canine sisters, tearing up toys and sitting with her moms getting petted. Thank you to Becky and Doris for loving Annie and helping her cross the Rainbow Bridge.

October 12, 2018   1 Comment