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If you are looking for a dog with a personality larger than life, a goofy golden boy who will always bring a smile to your face, keep you entertained, and be your devoted BFF, Scout just may be the one you’ve been searching for. Scout recently arrived in Maryland from China. We have no idea what Scout’s previous life was like, but we do know Scout is a true golden inside and out. He can be silly and playful or content to relax and snuggle on the couch. Scout has the biggest, sweetest heart-all he needs now is a person, or family, to share it with.

Gender: Neutered male

Age: approximately 8 years old

Weight: 72 lbs.

Health:Scout is up to date on his rabies and distemper vaccines. He is heartworm negative. His ears were treated for an infection, and he was dewormed. Scout has a mild heart murmur. He saw a cardiologist who agreed with his primary vet that it is just something to monitor during regular checkups.

Personality: Scout is living, breathing sunshine. He simply loves life-whether playing or snuggling, Scout is up for whatever the day may bring. Scout is generally calm and easy going in the house. He loves to play with his toys and can entertain himself by tossing and catching them. He loves to be close to his people, whether curled up next to them (he thinks he is a lap dog) or on the floor nearby. No one can snuggle or make you feel like you are the center of their world better than Scout.
Scout is learning what it means to live in a house. He has a puppy mentality in a big boy body, but he is so eager to please and is quickly learning house manners. He sometimes barks during meal prep because he is excited-but after years of hunger, he is learning food is now a constant. He loves to meet new people. No one is a stranger to Scout-once in while he may try to give a hug hello, but is usually very calm. Occasionally, Scout can be mouthy if he is excited, but again, he is learning this is not how we greet people. He is so eager to please, with routine and consistency-he is learning proper manners quickly. When he first arrived, in order to make sure he did not get into anything that would be unsafe for him, Scout was crated when he was home alone. He goes easily into his crate with a treat, but he was never crated for long periods. Once Scout learned that his people would come back for him, he has been fine with free roam while home alone. Scout will try to push through doors to stay with his people. For outside doors, he is learning to sit and wait, but a new adopter would need to be careful and patient.

Favorite Toys/Games: Scout loves his stuffed animals, chew toys, and Kongs. Scout loves tennis balls, but while he is a retriever, he is not a returner. He also loves to play with other dogs.

Behavior in Car: Scout loves to go for car rides- he jumps right in. I do recommend a harness and a tether, or he will try to help you drive.

Interaction with dogs: Scout is living with 3 other dogs. He loves to play and run with them. He is very good at reading their energy and has done extremely well with every dog he has met. He does not have a mean bone in his body. He is the sweetest, happiest dog. He would do best in a home with other friendly, playful dogs to keep him company when his people are away from home.

Interaction with cats: Foster home has no cats. He did meet a friend’s cat and was very curious/excited.

Interaction with children: Scout loves all people. He has been wonderful with the children (and their friends) in his foster home. They absolutely adore him. However, we believe a home with older or no children would be best for Scout. Scout can be pushy and may try to grab something out of hands, if he thinks it might be food. As he begins to see food is a constant, and with consistent routines and training, Scout is truly improving, but this behavior can be a bit overwhelming for younger children.

Food and Treats: Scout LOVES food- whatever it is- he wants it. He has learned to sit for treats and take them gently. Mealtime is his happiest time of the day. He does not bother people at the table, but quietly sleeps nearby.

Fence requirements: Scout would do best in a home with a fenced yard. Scout may be 8, but he is making up for lost time. He loves to run and play in the yard with other dogs.

People requirements: Scout will be your shadow. Scout needs a home where people are home as much as possible. He settles down quietly and will give you space to work or do whatever you need to do- he just wants to be nearby.

Leash manners: Scout loves going for walks. He is walked with a harness. Overall, he walks well on a leash, but when he gets excited, he can pull and he is strong.

Housetrained: Scout has not had any accidents since his first day in foster. He does not ask to go out, but chooses to follow the routine of the other dogs, or if one of them asks to go out-he is more than happy to join them.

Exercise Requirements: Scout may be an older dog, but no one remembered to tell him. He would love a home where he gets walks as well as time to hang out in the yard. He is not a high energy dog, but does get bursts of excitement where he likes to play or run with other dogs. He may be 8 years old, but he is finally getting his chance to act like a goofy puppy.

Available date: Now

Adoption fee: $600($400+ $200 international transport fee) However, the $200 international transport fee will be waived for the right family.