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Libby (aka Lady Liberty) came to rescue ~4 weeks ago from China. She is the sweetest pup; nothing gets her spirits down. She recently went through a splenectomy and tooth removal. She remained happy and playful through the whole process. She truly finds the joy in each day and shares it. Her top pleasures in life are: FOOD, toys, car rides, lots of kisses and snuggles.

Gender: Female

Age: 6 yrs

Weight: 75 lbs

Favorite toys/games: Balls, stuffed toys that she can carry around – throw in the air, play tug of war and de-stuff. She brings the ball back when thrown (fond of light tosses versus a super-far throw). She loves to play with other dogs. In her current environment, she initiates play with her foster sister.

Behavior in cars: Libby loves to go on car rides, she hops right in when you open the door. She calmly lays down in the back seat and thoroughly enjoys the ride. The back seat is the best place (otherwise she’s too tempted to sit on the driver’s lap).

Health: Libby underwent a splenectomy for removal of a hematoma and had her upper tooth removed. She had a remarkable recovery. She was also treated for a double ear infection. She’s in splendid health and up to date on all shots and heartworm medication.

Personality: Libby is a girl of many heart-melting faces. One look and you will fall in love with her; your heart will melt like butter. And she loves attention! Nose kisses and snuggles are her favorite. She enjoys a daily stroll; longest distance to date was 1.5 miles (and then she was ready for a nap). She starts the walk at a fast pace and then slows down after ~5 minutes into the walk. On a rainy day, she works on good mental stimulation (ideal for training, add a frozen Kong and that would be the highlight to the day).

Interaction with other dogs: Libby loves other dogs. She relishes playing with her foster sister. She has spent some time with a senior pup and respected her wishes to not play. She has frequented Pet Smart, Petco and Wags N Wash with no problems/concerns with the other dogs.

Food and Treats: Libby loves food!! But unfortunately food doesn’t always love her. She can get a little gassy and have multiple bowel movements a day. Libby will be your best friend if you have pumpkin or a banana; frozen Kong is hands-down one of her favorite treats.

Interaction with cats:  Unknown

Interaction with Children: Libby currently lives with an 11-year-old foster (human) brother who has friends over often. She has played and interacted with a group of 10 kids ranging in age from 2-13 years. She was very gentle and loving with each of them. She often goes to the elementary school for after school pick-up and as the children depart she does not show any signs of fear (just excitement and interest).

Fence Requirements: Libby is perfectly happy and even prefers to go outside on the leash. She has not shown interest in playing in the back yard. She likes the adventure to wander and smell.

Human/People requirements: An ideal situation for Libby would be to live with someone retired, working from home, or a stay-at-home parent. Libby loves to be with her human(s) and gets sad if she doesn’t get to go. Her attachment to her human(s) happens quickly and she is very loyal.

Leash Manners: Libby will pull slightly on leash if she wants something, otherwise she is gentle. She would benefit from a few leash training classes to learn proper walking commands.

House Trained: Libby is crate-trained; she currently stays in her crate when home alone and also sleeps in it overnight. She has done great over the past 4 weeks with house training. She will go to the door where her leash is hung to indicate she needs to go out (to take care of business/potty). If it’s urgent, she will let her human know by finding you and giving a bark.

Adoption Fee: Libby’s adoption fee is $400 plus an additional international transport fee of $200 (It costs A LOT to bring a dog from China.)