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Travis is Ready for His Furever Family

Travis came to GRRSM from a breeder in Pennsylvania who gave him up because he was a failure as a stud dog. Despite his career failure, Travis is simply charming, accepting and sweet. Because of his background, he has not been exposed to the spectrum of life he will have with his new home. But, that said, he is a quick study and is eager to please his humans. He hesitates with new things, but quickly adapts. He is startled by loud noises and sudden movements, but reacts only by cowering/shying away for a moment. He is already a total Golden lover boy, but with encouragement, exposure and a little training, Travis will fully blossom into a fabulous best friend. He loves people, other dogs and life!

Gender: Male/Neutered

Age: 5 years old

Weight: 85 lbs.

Favorite Toys/Games: Balls with squeakers. He brings the ball back and gently gives it back to you for another throw. Travis loves playing with other dogs and romping. Since he is a big boy, he would do well with another playful larger size dog or two.

Behavior in Cars: He gets in with a little encouragement. He lies down quietly and stays quiet. He has not had motion sickness with his foster mom.

Health: Travis is a healthy boy other than he is currently being treated for a UTI and ear infection, and should be over both of those the week of 3/11/19. He was just neutered 3/6/19 and is up to date on shots and heart worm prevention.Personality: Travis is an adorable boy. He is accepting and easy-going, quiet and non-destructive. He loves attention and being brushed. Travis needs at least moderate exercise.

Interaction with dogs: Travis loves other dogs, and not surprising given his former job, he especially loves to romp with the girl pups! He loves males too, so that having a female dog is not required. He seems to prefer dogs that look like him based on a dog park experience. He will initially try to mount other dogs, but gets over that very quickly.

Food and treats: Travis is a very picky eater so far. He has not been interested in any form of treat except real meat. This may change over time, but currently he eats very little dog food.
Interaction with cats: Travis reportedly was an avid cat chaser at the farm in PA. However, at his foster home there are 3 cats. Only one sometimes decides to shy away from him and he will give chase when offered that, so a family with a cat who will not run from him will do fine. Two out of our three will allow Travis to walk right up to them (and they sometime swat him on the nose to let him know who is boss).

Interaction with children: Unknown to foster family, but he is gentle and sweet and shows absolutely no signs of defensiveness or aggression. With a dog loving child, I think he’d be fine, but an older child would be better.

Fence requirements: A physically fenced in yard is required.

People requirements: Ideally, having someone who is retired, works from home or is a stay at home Mom or Dad would be optimal as Travis loves being with his humans. Also, he currently gets frequent outdoor breaks (the need for this will be less once the UTI is gone).

Leash manners: He is gentle on a leas, but he could use formal leash training.

House Trained: Travis had never been in a house until the rescue took him. Despite that, he has only had two accidents, and both of those were the foster Mom’s fault. We keep him in the kitchen and he obeys dog gates. However, he also gets to run around the house when we are home and can pay attention to him. We have not put him in a crate, but he did well at the vet when he was neutered. He does not get on furniture, but has put his paws on the bed. He would likely love sleeping/snuggling with his humans, but we decided to let his new parents decide whether to teach him that is okay.

Available date: March 16
Adoption fee: $400

Video: travis


1 Brian Mohr { 03.10.19 at 7:24 pm }

I’m very interested in Travis and would like to meet w/ him if possible to determine compatibility and attraction. My application form is on file and my cell is 202/680-0029, if you’d like to talk. Thanks.

2 Brian Mohr { 03.10.19 at 7:48 pm }

See above, pls.

3 Brian Mohr { 03.10.19 at 10:46 pm }

Pls see above, thanks.

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