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Someone Needs to Scoop Up Scout

I had a dog like Scout.

His name was Steve.

He was my first golden retriever. Like Scout, my Steve was described as having “a big personality”.

Smart and funny.

He knew I hated for him to eat tissues; so he’d bring the box out and eat a few right in front of me. On walks it was a race to see who would first spot tissues littered on the ground.

He literally licked my tears when I was sad.

He ate 12 of my black high heels I wore to work. The man at the shoe store knew my name and Steve’s.

I met our neighbors in Norfolk when, in frustration, I hollered to my dog who was wandering around the cul de sac, “Steve, get your ass in this house now!”

My neighbor’s name was Steve.

Steve is the dog on the rescue’s logo.

He crossed Rainbow Bridge many years ago. To this day when we’re out walking I race to a tissue I see on the ground.

Let’s help find Scout a family who will love him as much as I still love my Steve.

Scout had a cardiology appointment today. His heart murmur is mild and typical of a senior boy. He’s healthy and happy and likes kids and other dogs and is looking for a family who is as much fun as he is.


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