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Memory Lane

As I get ready to step away from the GRRSM board I’ve been gathering records to turn over. Tucked into a folder I found this picture. Taken in the early 1990s, long before digital photography was this photo of Rudy, our very first foster dog.

We volunteered with Southeastern Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue back then as Joe was still in the Navy stationed in Norfolk. Wish I could say Rudy had his happily ever after, but it was rocky at best. SEVA didn’t let the foster family have any input to who adopted their foster dog. Our Rudy went to a Navy couple whose 5 year old son was literally jumping on my coffee table while his mother sat there like a rock when they came to meet our guy. Dad was getting ready to deploy. We told the adoption coordinator we did not think it was a good place for Rudy, but she didn’t listen.

We learned that he was returned to SEVA after we had been transferred to PAX RIVER. Rudy weighed a perfect 73 pounds with us. He came back to rescue obese at 143 pounds.

Before we even moved to Maryland, we contacted GRREAT and applied to foster. Al Huey, now with GRRSM, did our home visit before our fence was up or we had any grass. We were approved. Thanx Al!
GRREAT gives almost all the responsibility to the foster family on who their foster pup will be adopted by.

When I started the rescue in 2007, I wanted the Home Visitor, Foster Coordinator and Foster family to work as a team to determine the best family for each dog. For the most part we have been successful.

Many of our pups have been through a lot. They deserve the best family we can find for them.

I’m happy that includes so many of YOU!

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