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April 5, 2019   No Comments

Mometamax Drops

From Debbie, “This is Coco the youngest. She turned 13 last fall. She has had problems with left eye and appears she’s loosing vision. And she has hip and back issues, and now poor thing went deaf after getting her yearly shots and meds for ear infection. She’s been the timid one and is my shadow. But now she’s afraid to cross thru doorways from room to room and afraid to step past certain things. Doesn’t sleep in her favorite bed and just isn’t the same. Vet said to put Epiotic drops in her ears every day and she might get some hearing back.”

Dog parents PLEASE educate yourself. This did not have to happen to this pup had she asked the vet about side effects or read the insert that comes with the medication.

And don’t get me started on giving a 13 year old vaccinations. THEY ARE NOT NEEDED. If YOU feel the need get a blood test done to see if  your dog is protected as they most likely ARE PROTECTED.

I know Debbie. She loves her dogs.

She could have done better by Coco.

April 5, 2019   No Comments