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Sierra Update

From Brynne, Sierra’s adoptive mom, “Sierra is loving life for sure! Her and Murphy are 2 peas in a pod. No concerns at all as of now. Minor things we are working on her with (jumping, barking, aggression (clamped mouth and sometimes a growl) when she takes a sock/clothing article or a tissue and doesn’t want to give it up)…. but she’s getting there.

For the most part she is great. We are glad we adopted her – and having two dogs is enjoyable and hours of entertainment! She’s super happy, loves to walk, play with toys and balls, and snuggle with us every night in bed.”

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Grizzly aka Charlie Update

Grizzly had his heart murmur checked out with the cardiologist in Annapolis.

Our vet at Dunkirk noticed it, but did not think it needed further investigation. When his adopted family took him to their vet for, their vet thought he needed to see a cardiologist.

Fron Grizzly’s new mom, “Grizzly’s appointment went well. They did see his murmur and notice the slow pulse, but all the tests went well. He’s cleared for all activities and doesn’t need to be checked for another year and a half. They just said his regular vet should check the murmur every 6 months, but that the slow pulse was just normal for him. Yay!
Grizzly is adjusting okay, but it’s a slow process. He does have some aggression issues that he didn’t display initially. He actually tried to eat the (male) cardiologist! And that’s before the cardiologist had done anything to him.”

Glenda and Tom fostered Grizzly who was Charlie.

April 3, 2019   No Comments

April 3, 2019   No Comments