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Mikey is Ready for his Furever Family

NOTE: Please do not apply if you do not have a physically fenced yard, a young canine playmate and someone home much of the day.

Mikey is a lively approximately one year old male who traveled from China to Maryland three weeks ago.

He loves to play and is usually carrying a ball, kong or other small toy in his mouth. Mikey is on the small side weighing 51Lbs, but he’s still growing.

He’s a spunky guy, yet loves to cuddle and wants to be the first one to get all treats. He is a very happy pup and loves to be around his humans and canine friends.

He wants to please and has learned a lot in the 3 weeks he has been with his foster family.

He plays well with his foster family’s older Golden retriever. He is curious about their cat but has shown no aggression towards her just curiosity.

Mikey has had no interaction with small children since coming to the US. He is a joy to have. He will need a fenced in yard and a canine playmate to help him learn the ropes.

He is house trained. He does not ask to go out he will follows his canine sibling out.

He gets very excited at meal time after spending months of never having enough food in China, His foster family puts him outside while they make meals as he gets so excited for his food he sometimes submissively urinates.

Mikey will jump into the car and he rides very quietly, but he will not get out when you reach your destination. He needs more positive car rides. Trips to the dog park, to get some chicken nuggets or a doggie sundae will help change his perspective as he does not get car sick.

Mikey is healthy, neutered and vaccinated. He had two small wart like bumps surgically removed. Both were benign.

Our little guy is blossoming in his new life and will continue to do so with a forever family who will introduce him to the USA with a dog training class, frequent walks, trips to the beach, etc.


Mikey is available now. His adoption fee is $400 + an additional $200 to help defray a small fraction of the cost of his trip from China.

More information about adopting from is available in the Adoption Guide posted in the Adopt A Golden Tab.

We do home visits so families interested in adopting much live in our service delivery area. If you do not, google “national golden retriever rescue” to find the golden rescue group that serves your area.

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