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Congratulations to Sierra

From Sierra’s foster mom, “After posting Sierra for adoption I was really struggling with the thought of letting her go. She has become part of our family and knew we would miss her too much when she left our home. After many nights of snuggles, tears, and debate, Evan and I decided the only option was for us to keep her. I think our pup Murphy is happy with the decision as well. Welcome to the family Sierra!! An unexpected blessing for sure.”

Sierra was Brynn’s and her husband, Kelly first foster pup.

Some things are just meant to be!

Congrats to all!

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Argh!!!! I Bought a Bag of Purina Kibble

If you read the rescue’s newsletter that came out today, you’d know that one of my pups has taurine deficient cardiomyopathy, a heart disease that can be fatal. It appears to be somehow caused by grain free dog food whose formulations have not been tested on actual dogs.

The first ingredient in this food is turkey. Next is cornmeal and then a bunch of stuff I have no idea.

I fed my very first goldens Purina dog food, but that is because there weren’t many other choices.

Canine Cardiologist don’t really know what is causing heart problems, ESPECIALLY IN GOLDEN RETRIEVERS. They do know dogs diagnosed with Taurine Deficient Cardiomyopathy who switch to a well researched food meeting Whole World Small Animal Veterinary Association standards can be cured of Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Currently there are only five companies that meet WWSAVA standards- Hills Science Diet, Iams, Purina, Royal Canine and Eukanuba.

Even foods from these companies that contain peas, legumes and any type of potatoes should be avoided. There are some foods that do not test and have not had any reports of DCM, such as Farmina Ancestral Grains, but since they don’t test, cardiologists are hesitant to recommend.

So I have one dog who can’t eat fish based protein and one who cannot eat beef or chicken (chicken and fish are most often used in dog food as it’s less expensive), so after spending weeks researching and sampling small bags of food, we are trying this Purina turkey based protein kibble. Of course, I’m still adding lean meat, yogurt, canned pumpkin, eggs, seasonal fruits and veggies as I continue to have a hard time believing that a food filled with ingredients I cannot pronounce is better than what our earth provides.

But until research is complete and we learn why goldens are dying from the food they eat, I’ll buy Purina.

March 19, 2019   1 Comment