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Molly Update

Molly vet visit ($950) so far is better than expected for an old dog with no care.
Blood was fine except pos for Erilichia & Lyme. They sent out a tick panel to see how bad they r so will know if needs to be on meds. Vet agrees the breathing is abnormal But lungs sound good so he thinks its in her throat.
Did chest & throat X-rays that didn’t show anything too obvious but he’s having another vet look @ Monday (some spider web looking stuff in chest). She got a pain & an inflammation shot & meds for both to take @ Home. Will know more early next week when more tests come back.
Good news is amazingly she is heartworm negative. Thank you to Pam Lowery for getting her into the vet so quickly.Molly Update

February 16, 2019   No Comments