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Posts from — February 2019

Libby and Daisy in China

Both of these girls will be coming to the USA this weekend thanx to Kim and Becky their flight volunteers

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Ace is Looking for his Furever Family

Ace is a 5-year old, male English Cream Golden. He came to rescue from a breeder in Northern Maryland who gave him up because he was no longer interested in breeding. Ace is beautiful and sweet. However, his upbringing has kept him from being the goofy golden that he really wants to be. He is shy and timid but adjusts fairly quickly to new places and new people.

Gender: Male

Age: 5 years old

Weight: ~ 70 lbs

Ace has taken great strides in building his confidence. He came to rescue in an almost catatonic state. He would not eat and he would lie down frozen in fear when approached. Treats had to be tossed to him from a distance. Even bacon would not be taken directly. He would lie in an open crate on the opposite side of the room from where his foster family was. Every trip outside involved a twenty minute ordeal to entice Ace to come back inside. Over a few short weeks he slowly moved where he would lie down closer and closer. He went from looking for ways to bolt to when approached and head down army crawling around to coming over for pets and scritches. He comes right back inside after going out and even learned how to use a dog door. Ace now lies almost at your feet, and he comes right up for treats and pets.

Ace is scared of rapid movements and people approaching quickly from the front. He is nervous of going through door ways.

Favorite Toys/Games:
He likes soft stuffed toys and tennis balls.

Behavior in Cars:
He lies down quietly. He has not been on any long trips only a few 1/2 hour car rides but he does not seem to suffer from motion sickness.

Health: Ace is heartworm negative and up to date on shots and heart worm prevention. While in rescue he was neutered and has had his teeth cleaned and a tooth pulled. He has some ear build up that we are cleaning daily with Zymox.

Personality: Ace is a sweet, shy boy.

Interaction with dogs: Ace lives well among his older canine foster dogs. He does have some mild resource guarding with toys and can get over stimulated with excited, high-energy dogs. He would do best as an only dog or in a home with older, laid-back dog(s).

Interaction with cats: Ace has not shown any prey drive during the few brief interactions his foster family has noted with a free roaming cat at the vet.

Interaction with children: unknown to foster family. Though he has only shown resource guarding with other dogs and not humans he is a large, timid dog and would do best in a home with no or older children.

Fence requirements: needs a physical fenced in yard

Leash manners: He is gentle on a leash but he could use formal leash training.

House Trained: We are still working on house training. He is still learning on letting us know when he has to go out and has not been a fan of the muddy yard due to the weather. However, when he is on a schedule his accidents are few.

Available date: now

Adoption fee: $400

Note: Ace is getting groomed this week and we will post more pix.



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Welcome Travis

Travis will be joining our rescue tomorrow and will be fostered by Sarah T.

He’s a big boy who weighs 115 pounds.

He’s five years old.

He has been a stud dog.

Likes to chase cats and is good with other dogs.

That’s all we know about him right now, but we will get him vetted and neutered and get to know him before he is ready for adoption in a few weeks.

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Osterosarcoma (Bone Cancer) Possible Treatment

Osteosarcoma is the most common bone cancer to affect dogs. It is a painful and aggressive disease. Affecting more than 10,000 dogs annually, predominantly larger breeds, it kills more than 85 percent within two years. Vet at Penn State is doing clinical trials.


Osteosarcoma and Immunotheraphy

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