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Cash Update

Here are a couple of photos of Cash meeting his temporary mom. He’s been to the vet already where it was confirmed what we could clearly see, he needs surgery to repair a painful condition called “Entropion” where the lower eyelids roll into the eye. Since inherited, poor Cash has spent his entire life with his eyes in pain. He has some cream to help until tomorrow when he will have surgery to repair.

Today he goes to the groomers.

He’s a big, red, gentle boy who was initially pretty overwhelmed with Becky’s pack, but within an hour was helping Becky’s mom, Doris, quilt,

and chilling on the sofa.

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Auction Items for Annual Meeting

The GRRSM Annual Meeting is on Saturday, February 23, 12:30 at the Charlotte Hall Library.

This year not only will we hold our regular intense vocal auction 😁 but also a silent auction.

If you want to donate items/baskets for the auction; start gathering now. In the next few weeks we will start collecting donations.

Funds will go towards our 5 China Pup rescue and additional care they may need.

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