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Why Play Time is Important

Builds Your Relationship Together

When you play with your dog, you form a doggy human bond. Dogs also love playing with other dogs, and it can be a healthy outlet,  but it’s also important to get their play time with their humans too!. You can also use play when you’re training your dog. You can use it as a fun reward, get their favorite toy between training them different commands. Studies have even shown that the more playtime a dog gets with their humans, the fewer behavioral issues they will develop like leash pulling, whining, digging in the backyard and chewing.

Keeps them Healthier 

Playing gives your dog a chance to get some exercise. Done right, it can help you get some exercise as well (and that’s good for you!).

The scary thing is like humans, over half of the dogs in the United States are obese. Obesity leads to all sorts of health problems in dogs. It can lead to problems with their joints, diabetes and many other problems.

They are Happier both mentally and physically- A Tired Dog is a Happy Dog

Play will help with all kinds of dogs – timid dogs it will help them gain confidence. Even with dogs that have been abused who might be resistant to play, it will help them learn their boundaries and be able to connect with their human friends. Even the best adjusted older dogs benefit from the mental stimulation of playing. When you play with your dogs regularly, studies show it decreases their anxiety, which helps them be more relaxed and maybe even a bit tired. So of course, a tired dog is a happy dog. This will give your furniture, rugs and anything else off limits in your house a break. Dogs usually chew on things they’re not supposed to when they’re bored and haven’t exercised, connected or played with their humans.

Whether it’s tug of war, fetch or just running around the yard playing chase, your dog needs your time, attention and needs to play. So next time you’re out in your yard or at the park with your dog, play with them until they cry uncle, you both will totally enjoy it- promise. There’s no better feeling than when playing fetch with your dog and they start to slow down and stop going after the ball because you wore them out! Truth be told, you probably need a healthy dose of play with your pooch. Isn’t that really what having a dog is all about- play time!


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