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Welcome “Luna” to Rescue

Luna is one of 75 dogs rescued from a hoarder situation in Roanoke, VA. The Humane Society of the United States put out a plea for help for the small, local shelter and TCAS brought Luna and three other dogs to Southern Maryland. All four are heartworm positive.

Luna looks enough like a golden that we wanted to help, and Barb and Jeff Saylor have been looking for a dog since their Summer (GRRSM Pup) girl crossed Rainbow Bridge, their Sookie (GRRSM pup from Turkey) has been lonely. They have a perfect, quiet home for a pup going through the lengthy heartworm treatment process. Many of you know Barb as the rescue’s Treasurer and Craft Show Coordinator.

So Barb and Jeff have picked up the pup who is tentatively being called “Luna” as named by the shelter. They will foster to adopt her if all goes well.

Luna’s a mess. Desperately needs a bath, and Barb and her daughter Brittany were trimming matts out of Luna’s fur while I was there.

She’ll have an intake vet appointment this week, begin the heartworm treatment process, ultimately get spay.

And what does Sookie, the resident golden think about this new pup? Well, I’ve never seen her wag her tail as much as I did this afternoon, so I’d say that’s a good sign wouldn’t you?


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