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Thank You Adam and Mariel

Mariel and Adam Connell are used to being thanked as they do so much for the rescue!

My biggest thank you this year is they agreed to foster Bonnie and Clyde, a bonded pair. You see that term “bonded pair” a lot in rescue, but honestly, in the 12 year’s of the rescue’s existence, true bonded pairs are pretty rare. We’ve had 2. Don’t get me wrong. Most goldens like to have a canine pal. After all, they are social beings. Being a bonded pair is more than just enjoying each other’s company.

We did not know our first bonded pair were bonded. We quickly learned when Gladys ran away for four days looking for her sister, Skittles. We used Skittle as a “lure” and as soon as Gladys saw her sister, hopped right in the van and came home to stay with us until they were adopted – TOGETHER.

This year we were alerted to a bonded pair – Bonnie and Clyde. They were an older sister and brother who had always lived together outside on a farm. Without arm twisting or begging, Mariel and Adam agreed to foster them both. They ended up being very easy fosters and they hung out together, played together, slept together.

It’s a bit more challenging to get a bonded pair of older pups adopted, but we posted them on our sister rescue’s web sites and soon we had several families interested in them.

In addition to fostering, Mariel and Adam are often seen at dog park meet ups, staffing events, at rescue functions.

So the next time you see this awesome couple please thank them for their support of Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland.


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