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Moose Spragg Crossed Rainbow Bridge

From Glenda, Moose’s Mom,

We had to put our sweet Moose to sleep today. His back legs had been deteriorating and the past 2 days he couldn’t get up by himself and could barely stand. Yesterday he quit eating, too. He would have been 13 next Tuesday. Thank you for letting us adopt him 11 years ago from GRRSM. Our family loved him and he brought a lot of joy to our lives. We will miss him very much.

Moose was Intake 0713. That means he came to rescue in 2007 and was the 13th dog our first year.

He’s one of those pups I imagine always being here.

Glenda and Tom fostered and adopted him. He and his canine brother, Riley, were quite a pair. Often seen with a third amigo, as Tom and Glenda continued to foster. Moose was always welcoming and reassuring to dogs new to the family. Playing with them even as he began to age.

Mr. Moose was a regular at the dog park and would always come to greet me and Joe.

He helped his mom support the rescue in other ways too, by keeping her warm when she made dog stockings or collars for the rescue’s craft shows, and cooperated when she used him to advertise Chesapeake Grill Fundraisers.

A big, furry, wonderful, teddy bear of a golden has left his paw prints on our hearts.

Please send Glenda and Tom hugs and thank yous for loving Mr. Moose.


1 Bob Davis { 10.25.18 at 12:02 pm }

So sorry to here about Moose. He was probably one of the oldest Golden from the earliest days of the rescue, Thoughts go out to Glenda and Tom.

2 Chuck Lawhorn { 10.25.18 at 12:31 pm }

I only met Moose a few times. He was a GOOD DOG.

3 Sarah Tuck { 10.26.18 at 11:48 am }

I am soo……sorry Glenda and Tom. What a wonderful poster pup he has been for the rescue and such an amazing light in your lives. We all know how badly it hurts, and we are mourning with you.

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