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Leave it in the store!


While these treats look cute and festive for the holiday season; they are dangerous and even deadly.  Please do not buy cheap Christmas treats! Spread the word and choose to spend time with your pups in front of a nice warm fire during the holidays and not at the emergency vet.

The majority of these treats come from China.  They are made from cattle or horse hides and start the process by being soaked in toxic sodium sulphide to remove the hair and fat. Then it is soaked in more chemicals to split the hide into layers before it is washed with hydrogen peroxide to give off a “pure” appearance and hide the rancid smell.  Furthermore, the festive Christmas colors and holidays shapes are also a concern.

These treats have tested to show traces of arsenic, mercury, chromium and formaldehyde.  If that wasn’t enough to make you sick how about these treats also regularly cause intestinal blockages, poisoning from chemical residue and chocking.

Instead of feeding your pets this crap, that should not be sold in stores, please choose other GRRSM approved treats such as Bully chews from Best Bully Sticks and Earth Animal No Hide treats.


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