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High Vet Care Cost Continued

Last week I posted about my sticker shock that my totally healthy 8 year old golden girl’s annual (which should go to semi annual) was over $800 and would have been $1000 had I done the urinalysis I we usually do and she needs a rabies vaccination.

Part of the cost was my laziness because I bought flea and heartworm prevention there instead of ordering online.

I not only complained to you all, but I tried to call VCA Corporate Office’s Customer Service line and stayed on the line for 30 minutes NEVER getting an option to speak to a human or to leave a message.

I looked for an email address; the only one was for the web master.

They gave you an option to leave a message….less characters than a tweet, but did.

Today, the Business Manager at my local vet’s office called to tell me “thank you” for contacting corporate headquarters as they are the only ones who can adjust fees for services. At first I wasn’t sure she was sincere about the thank you, but during further conversation, she really was. They are aware their prices are getting too expensive for the average animal lover.

She offered some discounts to the rescue, which of course we will accept, but WE pet owners need to speak up when we feel we’ve been overcharged for products and services. We need to become collective bargaining pet parents.

Stay turned. I’ve got another dog due for a vet check up in a month or so. I’ll be a wiser consumer and order my products online and I’ll let you know if I note any price adjustments.

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1 Rick Crouthamel { 02.10.18 at 5:59 pm }

I totally agree with Pat. When I brought my new rescue Fluffy to my local vet in Shady Side, MD for a checkup. Outside of being very afraid and skittish (Glenda and Pat know), she was in good health. Final bill, over $1000. Just think what a check for half that could do if donated to our rescue. If you find reasonable vets in the area, please post. Thanks.\ P.S. Still looking for an adult female Golden who needs a home.

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