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Four for Four

Riley is happy to be home from the vet’s office after having a lump aspirated. (Vet inserts a needle into the lump and looks at it under a microscope.) SEBACEOUS CYST that had burst under his skin. BENIGN.

We’ve been VERY lucky with lumps and bumps with our pups recently.

Keagan had a Histiocytoma. BENIGN.

Madeline has a gnarly looking wart. BENIGN.

Ruby Tuesday had a sebaceous cyst aspirated a couple of weeks ago. BENIGN.

Riley’s lump appeared about a month ago after he had just been to the vet for his annual check up. I was going to wait and keep an eye on it, but considering goldens and considering three of my five had lucked out so far, I was concerned.

But, whew! $150 well spent!

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1 al { 08.05.18 at 7:33 am }

Awesome they were benign. – Jean

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