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Cotton Ball Remedy For Ingested Sharp Objects

Last week my coworker’s wife called him franticly that she thought their 8-month old pup had ingested a razor blade.  (She was cleaning the stove with one of those plastic handle gadgets that has the blade on the end.)  She left the room and when she came back she saw the plastic handle on the couch with the pup, but no blade.  After searching everywhere, she rushed the dog to the vet, where they did an x-ray and there was the blade in broken into small pieces.

The vet advised she soak cotton balls in yogurt and let the dog eat the cotton balls.  So that is what she did, and it WORKED!  All the pieces of the blade came out with the cotton balls wrapped around them.

I had never heard of this, so I did some quick google searches and found some tips.

If you suspect your dog ate something sharp make sure:

  • To use real cotton balls (not the imitation cotton kind)
  • Shred the cotton balls into little pieces and soak them in yogurt, sour cream, pudding (not chocolate), or any other goopy substance your pup will eat.
  • Choose the correct amount of cotton balls (don’t overdo it):
    • 5-10 lbs feed- 2 cotton balls.
    • 10-50 lbs feed – 3-5 cotton balls.
    • 50 + lbs feed – 5-7 cotton balls.
  • Feed the cotton balls to your dog

Why it works:

All those little fibers move through the gastrointestinal tract and wrap around the sharp pieces, pulling them out safely.

You should see the cotton balls come out within 12-24 hours, if you see bloody or a tarry stool then you need to rush your pup to the vet.





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