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Charlie Update: Ready to go to the farm; swimming lesson; running around; three tired boys

Charlie continues to delight. He is very smart and obedient. He has learned all the routines.

The first night he learned how to line up for dinner and for bedtime biscuits. He sits to have his leash put on and before eating. He has learned to use the dog door. (He had a little trouble at first because he would try to follow Max out and then got smacked in the face by the door.)

He has learned that we have a yard full of squirrels because I feed them. Max will lie in the yard with them mere feet away and won’t bother them. Jax is probably afraid of them. Charlie chases them up the tree and waits for them to come back down. Swimming was a challenge. He had no fear of the water and went right in but had no clue how to swim. (I remember that Max had the same problem.) He slaps at the water and then bites at the splash, sometimes barking. He absolutely loves it and won’t come out.

I actually got a bit worried the first time and thought I may have to go in after him. The pond is very shallow and therefore quite safe. He puts his head underwater and digs in the mud. He is a true golden! When we meet someone else with a dog, he runs up to the owner first while Max checks out the dog. He gets along with everyone.

Thanks again for all you did for him and for finding him for me!

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1 Debbie Dofflemyer { 04.11.18 at 9:06 pm }

Looks like Charlie hit the Jackpot!

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