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Bear Crosses Rainbow Bridge

Please send thoughts and prayers to Norm & Gail Bleakley who said goodbye to their beloved Bear this morning.

I know Bear struggled a few years ago with a large mass that was removed and continuely was watched.  She was taken in this morning with thoughts of an UTI, only to be told she had a hemangiosarcoma mass in her lungs and spleen.  Instead of watching their girl suffer, Gail and Norm decided to let Bear cross the bridge with grace.

Bear was a GRRSM Ambassador at many events, and was a great foster sister to many pups Gail and Norm have fostered.

I met Bear at the very first event I volunteered for for GRRSM around 2009.  Jean and Al were fostering her, then named Betty. Norm showed up to volunteer as well, and we all could tell he immediately fell in love!

Rest easy sweet girl!


1 Pat { 08.09.18 at 2:22 pm }

Bear was such a pretty girl. I’m sorry for your loss of her in your daily life; however, she will always be I. Your heart

2 Barbara { 08.09.18 at 2:39 pm }

Oh gosh! We are so sorry Norm and Gail on your loss of Bear. We all loved her so. I remember so well the day we picked up Bear and Crumpet and Ross(?) at the Petco. She was such a gentle, soft girl with a wonderful spirit and a good friend to many foster dogs giving them a great start. She was a lucky girl to have a home with the Bleakley’s. RIP beautiful Bear.

3 Barb Baratta { 08.09.18 at 2:48 pm }

So, so sorry for your loss of your beloved, Bear. She was so lucky to have found such a loving family with you and enjoyed many wonderful years with you.
RIP Bear.

4 al { 08.09.18 at 3:19 pm }

She was a wonderful foster. Happy she had a long and happy life.

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