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Bailey Update from Her New Dad

Bailey, Spike and Brit are all doing great.  Bailey made the transition t our house in about a minute or two. When we arrived home I sat in a chair in the back yard as the 3 pups ran around.  Bailey was mostly following Spike but after a couple minutes she was wandering off on her own and exploring the yard.  About that time Brit went through the doggie door and Bailey followed.  She hadn’t returned after about 5 minutes so I went inside and called her. She had gone upstairs and was continuing to look around.  As I said, she made herself right-at-home.

When it was time for bed the first night, she was upstairs with me and Brit and Spike were downstairs.  Bailey and I got into bed and a few minutes later Brit came up.  Little 46 pound Bailey stood up and got right in front of 70 pound Brit and blocked her path to the bed. As Brit moved to a new position, Bailey moved to block.  I was thinking that Brit has been the Alpha for years and this might not end well, but Brit put up with it (for a couple more days).

There has been a little growling from Brit towards Bailey but nothing more.  I still have a few water bottles staged around the house but luckily I haven’t needed them yet.

Bailey is the happiest, friendliest pup.  She loves to jump in my lap and curl up, although she usually doesn’t stay for long. She also loves to squirm between me and the other two pups if I am petting them. Again  I am a little surprised that Brit allows this but Bailey is getting a little better about that.

On a couple occasions someone has been over and I handed them a camera and asked them to try to get a pic of me and the 3 pups but Bailey is usually the one who doesn’t want to hold still.  The attached pic was one of about 4 or 5 in a quick series.  The follow-on pics are pretty comical as she was squirming and I was trying to keep her in my lap.  Needless to say, it didn’t work well but the other pics are funny

She has a vet appointment this Tues with my vet so Dr Autumn will get to meet her.

Thanks again for making it possible for Bailey to join my family. She fits in great and loves and is loved by all.



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1 Sarah Tuck { 06.11.18 at 10:43 am }

What a happy mass of goldens piling on to their daddy! Bailey hit the golden lottery, and just like Trigger said when we first brought him home from GRRSM, “Oh HI! I’m home” just like he’d always been there! Congrats to the whole family

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