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Posts from — December 2018

Safe in Beijing

As you know, we started this adventure with 4 dogs in Baicheng. Before they were transported to Beijing, one died of unknown causes. If I had to guess, I would say either it was from exposure or distempter.

I have had another euthanized by a vet in Beijing. It was in later stages of distemper and, of course, suffering. We are now down to 47 dogs.
I am a member of a small wechat group consisting of the vets seeing the dogs and Xiaoli. They are seeing the dogs in groups of 8, vaccinating the dogs for rabies that are healthy enough and neutering.  So far, all the dogs have lice, ear mites, hook worms, round worms, coccidia and sores.  One dogs has had to have a mastectomy on one side of her mammary glands because of a tumor.

I have asked for a biopsy so we know what we’re dealing with. Another has a hernia that was repaired. The vets are also doing a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test which will tell us if a dog is sufficiently vaccinated for distemper/parvo/parainfluenza prior to giving them a booster (I included a picture of one of these tests in the Google Drive file).

All the dogs are severely malnourished. Instead of “farming” out the dogs to various Beijing shelters, Xiaoli opted to have all 47 at her shelter under her watchful eye and those of her caring workers. They are being fed quality kibble Taste of Wild) twice a day supplemented with eggs, chicken and various canned foods. They are in good hands with Xiaoli.  If you look at one of the older videos of the dogs running loose in a yard, pay attention to the white building on the left. There are several doors into that building (and other similar buildings). Inside each heated room are kennels that can hold up to 3 dogs – 4 in a pinch.

We are getting to the time we should begin assigning dogs to your various rescues.  What do you suggest would be the fairest way to do this. Some you have already sent me requests but since we’re all in this together, I think everyone should get an equal shot.  Keep in mind that some of the dogs are going to be in/out of the vet type dogs and others, like the tumor, entropian, hernia dogs, that will come with an additional vet bill. It’s probably going to be another week before Xiaoli will have a detail report on each individual dog.

Xiaoli told me that now the dogs have thawed out and are fed regularly, she is already seeing the dogs turning into Golden Retrievers.
If I haven’t said it before, thank you all for stepping into this adventure with Golden Bond Rescue. I hope if this is successful, you will want to help the next group of goldens needing us.

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Nani Will Soon Be Looking For Her Furever Family

From Pam, Nani’s foster mom, attached are some updated pics of Nani.  She is scheduled to have the jaw growth removed next Monday, the 7th.  She is a beautiful, sweet and calm girl who just didn’t receive any attention/training.  She gets along fine with people and my dogs the majority of the time, sleeps great at night and is walking on leash much better (we are working on leash pulling and she’s come a long way already).  

She is a collector of shoes, and anything soft/stuffed, but she doesn’t chew on the shoes, just likes them around her… Anything soft/stuffed however is toast cause she is definitely a ‘squeaker seeker’.  I notice her resource guarding toys, food wrappers, balls, etc (both with people and other dogs), but haven’t seen any problems with food.  The first few days I had her, she reacted strongly but now that we are better at managing the situations and she has calmed down and knows us, we haven’t had any more strong reactions.  With the shoes we just wait for her to put them down and turn away and then can put them away without her even caring.  With her other treasures, we distract her with another new toy until we can get the original item away from her.

Unfortunately she doesn’t seem to be treat motivated when she’s with a treasure that she knows she isn’t supposed to have.  I’ve learned to watch for her ‘treasure searching’ better and she’s good about leaving it alone if you tell her to leave it firmly before she initially takes it.  It is definitely manageable and we are learning together.

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BFFS – Emma and Mettie

Emma and Mettie (from China) have become fast friends and love chasing each other around in the snow on a mountain in Tennessee where they both live now. They have a big sister, Jenna, who was also adopted from our rescue.

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Meet Ace

Ace was rescued today from a very bad breeder who said” We don’t need him anymore.” He’s fearful, dirty and matted. He ate very little dinner, but did drink water.

Ace is spending his first night inside a house and is being supported by resident pups Cara and Ripley and his foster mom and dad, Mariel and Adam.

He needs to go to the vet, be bathed, neutered and learn how to live in a house and be loved before he will be available for adoption.

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