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November 16, 2018   1 Comment

Thank You Ellen Rehmann

I was going to post my thank you to Ellen yesterday, but after she and her pup were attacked by a neighbor’s dog, I thought she might not see this. We all hope you and River are feeling better.

Ellen has had a rough year after her husband and mother passed away, and then the scary attack.

Ellen has been doing home visits for our rescue and Goldheart for several years. I contacted her not long after her beloved Ken had died to do a home visit and at first she said “No.” She wasn’t ready.

Ellen is such a good, thorough, knowledgeable home visitor, I wasn’t going to lose her. After all, goldens NEED Ellen.

After a few weeks Ellen was back doing home visits for the rescue which is pretty amazing as when you are grieving sometimes it’s hard to even get out of bed.

I live in the bowels of St Mary’s County which is a challenge as the Foster, Adoption and Home Visitor Coordinator as the vast majority of our prospective adopters live north of me. Ellen is one of my go to home visitors in and around the Bowie area.

She knows a lot about holistic approaches to golden care and shares her knowledge with would be adopters. If a prospective adopter isn’t interested in learning about caring for a golden, then we aren’t interested in placing one of our pups with them.

Ellen also sent a generous donation to sponsor goldens from Puerto Rico. (There has been an extended delay as the rescue leader there was scheduled to have a serious surgery. The surgery was delayed, so it’s kind of up in the air as to when the PR Pups will come, but we’ll be ready when they do.)

Ellen may have done your home visit as she does a lot of them. You may also have met her at the annual meeting or holiday luncheon.

We are fortunate to have Ellen as a member of the Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland family.

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