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Thank You Barb Hayter

I met Barb and John Hayter a couple of years ago when they were interested in adopting a golden. My sister Deb was visiting and we did their home visit. They didn’t have a physical fence or a canine companion, but we just knew they were “golden people”. Their pups are their kids.

They soon adopted Chloe, a pup from Turkey.

And became a truly international dog family when they adopted Remi.

Poor Chloe had an ovary saving spay in Turkey which is where she still goes into heat, but can’t have puppies (common overseas). For a while the vets here in the states did not know what was going on. Then she had spay surgery which is really challenging when the uterus has been removed as it’s more of an exploratory surgery as the vet has to look for the small ovaries. Healing was slow and after several trips to the ER and regular vets Chloe is finally healed.

Meanwhile, Remi, ended up being the most timid golden of the five from China. It has taken months for him to settle in.

John and Barb have diligently cared for both of their fur kids and did not give up on them.

You all know Barb from her regular posts and photos of her pups in this group.

You may or may not know she and John are very supportive of the rescue’s fundraising efforts donating all kinds of cute things to be auctioned or sold. (Barb is a shopping pro.)

You may also have met her at dog park meet ups.

Please join me in thanking Barb and John for their support of GRRSM.

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