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November 11, 2018   No Comments

Thank You to Ned Buchman and Linda Halsted

Countdown to Thanksgiving Thank You’s continue from me to folks who have helped the rescue during this past year.

In February the rescue brought in five golden retrievers from China. It was a challenging rescue due to distance, logistic and language barriers. Poor pups are in carriers in the cargo hold of a plane for 24 hours. Then they clear customs in the US (after clearing in Taipei) and then the 6 hour drive from JFK to their foster homes in Maryland.

One of the pups, Cora, was scheduled to go to her foster home for a few days to settle in; and then her adoptive family was supposed to come to meet her.

Well, not much waiting and settling occurred, and poor Cora was overwhelmed and lashed out at the other dogs in her foster family; and wanted nothing to do with the adoptive family’s resident dog and snarled and growled at them as well.

We knew she was not really dog reactive as she had been living with her four travel mates in China for months, but her adoptive family said “No thanks.” and her foster family said, “She needs to be moved.”

Argh! What’s a Foster Coordinator (aka me) to do? It’s situations like this that gives me more gray hair as we do not have any foster families who do not have other dogs. And, unlike many rescues, we do not have a boarding kennel or do we routinely board dogs.

Fortunately Karin reminded me she had just done a home visit for a couple who did not have any other dogs. I called Ned Buchman and Linda Halsted pretty much begging for them to foster, maybe to adopt, Cora as I did NOT want to put this poor girl into boarding after all she had been through. They thought about it for a bit and said they would give it a try. You may recognize Linda and Ned as they attended the annual meeting last year and were at the most recent dog park meet up.

Ends up Cora is a perfect fit for Linda and Ned. AND Cora hit the adoptive family jackpot as this girl has been to Gold Stock, paddle boarding, boat rides, trick or treating and more. She is clearly a well loved family member.

She also has canine playmates in her neighborhood which she loves.

Thank you SO MUCH Ned and Linda for giving Cora a great home.

November 11, 2018   1 Comment