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Thank You Peggy and Paul Dzwiet

Peggy and Paul Dziewit are long time rescue members. I first met them when they adopted Sampson, a big, hunk of a golden who I fostered. They live right down the road from me and I walk my pups past their house almost every day.

Let’s see. Where do I begin?

Peggy and Paul have a four dog rule. They can have four dogs at any one time – fostered or adopted. They foster and adopt a lot of their fosters. I’d have to really put my thinking cap on to remember all the pups they have adopted….Sampson, Remington, Charlotte, most recently Zeki and Johnny. Did I leave anyone out?

And they have fostered more they did not adopt.

Peggy has been on the leadership team as secretary/membership chair.

They transport pups and have driven all the way to JFK to pick up pups.

Paul creates wonderful pottery and glassware that he donates to the annual auction and to craft shows to raise $ to care for pups in foster care.

Peggy is known for her chocolate “pillow cookies” she tempts every one with at meetings.

AND BOTH have full time, demanding jobs!

They exhaust me:) We are lucky to have their energy supporting the rescue.

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