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Thankful for Lisa Orton

November is the month to take time to be thankful. There are so many people in the rescue I am thankful for. Lisa Orton is one of them. Lisa lives in Norfolk. We used to live near each other and worked together for many years. She’s also been a member of the rescue since it’s inception, as like Barb Saylor, her name is on the Articles of Incorporation.

Lisa is one of those artsy people I so admire. Even though she lives four hours away, she contributes a box of her cute crafts to the rescue’s craft shows each year. She does special orders. You can find her on Facebook at Art by Tink.

She also has adopted three goldens from the rescue. She and her husband Dave, are great dog parents.

She is also very financially generous.

Please join me in thanking Lisa for being part of the Golden Retriever Rescue Family from afar.

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Micah Crossed Rainbow Bridge

Please send virtual hugs to Robin and Steve Heinecke, Micah, their golden boy from our rescue, (in front in this photo) crossed Rainbow Bridge in his mom, Robin’s, arms this morning.

As many of you know he was being treated for Lepto, even though he had been vaccinated, the vaccination does not cover all strains of the disease. Couple that with his kidney values that had been off in the past, he just couldn’t overcome the illness.

Micah was foster by Tom and Glenda Spragg.

He was also a hero dog in the Morris Animal Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study AND a blood donor for other dogs in need.

Micah LOVED agility and barn hunt.

Robin took him and his brother Mack on regular hikes.

Micah and Mack were best friends from day one and Mack is missing his Micah.

He was a lucky boy.

Please wrap the Heinecke family in your loving energy.

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