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Posts from — November 2018

2019 Membership Drive


The 2019 Membership Drive was mailed out earlier this week. You will notice it looks different this year; as it is a postcard (see below.)  Let me know if you like this method or not.

Membership is $30 per family and covers the administrative costs (insurance, phone, website, post office box, etc.) of running the rescue.

Any additional donations go directly to caring for our golden fur friends.

Membership renewals and donations can be sent via Paypal to or via regular mail to:

GRRSM PO BOX 6, Great Mills, MD 20634.

Acknowledgements for your records will be sent via regular mail.

All membership renewals will be listed in the February 2019 newsletter.

Thank you for your continued support of GRRSM!

Happy Holidays!

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Craft Shows THIS Weekend

GRRSM will be attending TWO Craft shows this weekend.  Stop by and say hello!

Saturday, December 1st
Patuxent River Craft Show (NAS PAX River, must have ID to get on the base)


Sunday, December 2nd
Humane Society of Charles County Craft Show
Thomas Stone High School


Many Thanks to Barb Saylor for coordinating these events, our volunteers and of course all our talented crafters!!  You all are the BEST!!

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Keagan Goes to the Canine Cardiologist

Keagan had a taurine test a couple of months ago that was a little low (238. The recommended minimum for a golden retriever is 250) and I just now schlepped him the two hour trip to the canine cardiologist in Annapolis.

The good news is Keagan does not have dilated cardiomyopathy.

However, the cardiologist did suggest we change foods, again, to one backed by scientific research until Dr. Stern’s research is completed on the link between peas, sweet potatoes, potatoes and lentils and dilated cardiomyopathy in golden retrievers. I can’t bring myself to feed Hills Science Diet, Royal Canine or Purina, but we are going to try Farmina Ancestral Grains which is top rated by Dog Food Advisor even though it has beet pulp as it’s 6th ingredient. Will of course, continue to add healthy human foods like lean meats, seasonal veggies, yogurt, eggs, etc.

The surprising news is Keagan has a mild mitral valve leak, or murmur. Cardiologist says low level heart murmurs in big dogs are usually hard to hear, are not uncommon as dogs get older and usually insignificant. Keagan is 4 years seven months old. No meds. No exercise restrictions, just follow up in 6 months with regular vet and in a year with cardiologist.

I asked the cardiologist why so many vets are hesitant to do taurine tests as I’ve heard from some of you. He thinks it is because they don’t know what to do with the information if it comes back low. Because of the expense of the echocardiogram ($650 before insurance for Keagan today) he believes local vets are hesitant to refer for an echo as patients might be upset about cost if results were fine. He did say, goldens with a low taurine test result are FOR SURE at a greater risk for dilated cardiomyopathy. I asked what he’d recommend golden retriever parents do until the research is complete which could be a couple of YEARS. He said change their diet to one backed by research.

So, glad Keagan is fine for now. Worth the trip.

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Chesapeake Deli Fundraiser


Thank you to everyone who supported the Chesapeake Deli – Dunkirk fundraiser.  We raised $319 in tips & donations!

Many thanks to Glenda Spragg for setting this up for us each year!!

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Cyber Monday – Remember AmazonSmile


If you plan to shop on Cyber Monday, remember to go to the Amazon Smile webpage first.  A small percent of your order will be donated to GRRSM.

Just go to “” and select your charity of Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland. Visit the SmileAmazon site first for all of your Amazon purchases.



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