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Home Made Dog Food 2018

I USED to feed potatoes and green beans quite a lot. With the FDA’s warning telling dog owners, and especially golden retriever owners, to avoid potatoes, sweet potatoes, legumes, peas and lentils I had to search for new dog foods. I USED to use Honest Kitchen base foods when I made a home prepared meal. I’ve recently switched to Balance It. It’s a supplement formulated by a canine nutritionist that has been around for a long time. Supplement

You pick the foods you want to feed from a list of options and their computer generates a recipe. You buy the supplement from the web site. I worked with my vet to formulate a recipe using duck as the primary protein for my girl with allergies and am using a ground beef recipe for the rest of my pups, but plan to change proteins and other ingredients as local seasonal ingredients are available. My vet really likes this system as it is easy to use and the cost of the supplements is reasonable. Food options

So this week my pups are eating duck or ground beef, brown rice, kale, carrots, canned pumpkin and apples. I toss in an egg or a sardine to ensure adequate taurine even though I probably don’t have to.

Our pups get a variety of foods. Joe feeds Stella and Chewy’s raw in the morning (Used to use K 9 Cravings, but it has potatoes.) or Earthborn Polluck and Pumpkin Kibble. I feed home prepared, Real Meat, Only Natural Chicken and Pumpkin or Ziwi Peak in the evening. For lunch, they get a kong filled with Newman’s Own Turkey and rice (Ruby gets canned duck.) It took a while, but I think this will work for us until the research is done on why foods containing the suspect ingredients are causing deadly heart disease in goldens.

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