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Meet Foxy, the Flat Coated Retriever

Foxy is a flat coated retriever. Flat coated retriever look like black golden retrievers and have the sweet, easy going disposition we all love. When we learned she would be taken to the shelter where owner surrenders are the first to be euthanized, how could we say “no”? We rescue dogs from all over the world and here is one in our own back yard in Solomons in need.

Foxy has had a rough year. Her original human died. Mom of original human took Foxy into her home about a year ago. However, mom, who is a senior, could not give Foxy any exercise because she is ill. Foxy spent the day eating Beneful, a food full of crap, and cat food and gained 20 lbs. She currently weighs 105 lbs.

Her foster mom and dad, Peggy and Paul have already gotten her to the vet where we learned she has a urinary tract infection. We also did blood work as if she has a thyroid issue the weight will come right off with a daily, low cost pill. We’ll get results in a few days. Right now, one of our volunteers described her as looking like a “footstool”.

Foxy is 6.5 years old. Her beautiful coat is shaved in this photo, but will grow back.

She is very sweet. She lived with Jelly Bean, a cat who she loved very much, so we know she is good with cats. She loved her human mother.

She has a crush on Zeki, Peggy and Paul’s rescue pup from Turkey and is doing fine with the rest of Peggy and Paul’s pack.

We’ll give Foxy a few days to settle in and then she will be available for adoption.

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