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Posts from — July 2018

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I am sad to report that our sweet Romeo crossed rainbow bridge tonight, taking a piece of our hearts with him. I already miss petting his soft fur and having him snuggle into my arms.

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This morning we said goodbye to our beloved Sydney. The moment this goofy golden girl ran into our home she stole our heart. We will miss her chasing her tail, throwing her toys and digging in our backyard. Thank you GRRSM for bringing this girl all the way from Turkey so she could adopt us

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Here’s a First Night Adoption Report We Like to See – Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde settled in wonderfully last night! No issues at all with anything.

I don’t know if you saw, but after you walked away, they really wanted to go after you… clearly they love you two very much. :). Clyde settled down quickly in the car, but poor Bonnie panted and paced the entire 2 1/2 hour drive.

When we arrived home, we took them on a walk in their new yard and they really enjoyed it. Upon entering the house, one of our cats “Casey” was there to greet us. Bonnie, Clyde and Casey all sniffed each other and hung around together while they all got petted. Introductions with the other 3 cats went just as well and Bonnie and Clyde have been off-leash in the house with free reign to most of the main level since 🙂

Feeding dinner went fine. They sure do LOVE eating! They were well-mannered while Fred and I ate our dinner. They just sat next to us and didn’t beg at all!

Before bedtime, we went out for another walk in our back yard. Here’s some photos:

After our evening stroll, we set up their dog beds in our bedroom. Bonnie loves her bed!:

Clyde was a bit reluctant to get on the bed at first, but was happy laying on the carpet getting love from Fred:

They slept great in our bedroom with us and the four cats. When I woke up, they were both cuddled up on their dogs beds together. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my phone fast enough to get a picture of that sweet vision.

Things have continued to go great this morning. No accidents; no problems with the cats; no other issues – just a lot of tail wagging :).

Fred and I are thrilled with how well things are going and absolutely adore these two! And they seem very happy as well!
We can’t get over how much Bonnie reminds us of our beloved golden “Charlotte” who passed away in October 2011. Not so much in her looks, but rather in her sweet personality and mannerisms. And Clyde is a big, sweet teddy bear. At one point during our evening walk, Clyde stood on his hind legs, put his paws on Fred’s shoulders and just gazed lovingly at him. 🙂

We couldn’t be happier with our new additions. They fit in quickly and perfectly. Thank you so much for bringing them into our lives ❤.

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Congratulations to Bonnie and Clyde

Congratulations to Bonnie and Clyde who were adopted by Anne-Marie and Fred They are returning to their “farm” roots and will have lots of wide open spaces to play in on their family’s ten acre yard of which a portion is fenced. They will also have cat friends once again.

Thank you to Mariel and Adam Connell for opening your home to not one, but TWO goldens in need.

Bonnie and Clyde are like twins who finish each other’s sentences, so it was important to keep them together in their temporary home and in their furever home. We thank Anne-Marie for being willing to adopt two.

We will post new photos of them in their new home soon.

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Respect the Growl

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Ligament Stretching and Tears = New Rugs at Our House

We went to our last session of basic training with Menia on Saturday morning. Came home, played in the pool and took a nap…..Menia sleeping with Joe in his chair. All was perfectly fine.

And Menia wakes up limping.

She hopped off the chair and suddenly she was holding her back left leg up. Joe checked it out, and thought it was her knee. So we happen to have some Rimadyl and gave her one. She was clearly in pain, but it was Saturday. Even if she had torn her ACL, MASH does not consider that worthy of an ER visit.

Sunday Menia was toe touching, but still not fully using her left leg.

So called our local vet on Monday. No appointments available for two weeks since she technically isn’t “sick”.

Called MASH and made an appointment, but the soonest one is next Thursday.

Called and made an appointment for acupuncture with my vet at WagnWash for yesterday.

Menia had a big knot that felt like a rope under her left leg. A stretched ligament. No surgery needed and she can go for walks and swim. Just no jumping up.

Something very similar had happened to our Ruby Tuesday about a month ago, only she had torn a ligament under her front right shoulder.

Both of these girls are slim and fit.

Why are my dogs getting these soft tissue injuries?

Well the answer is HARDWOOD FLOORS.

My pups sleep on the couch and our bed. Menia’s rest spot is Joe’ chair. When they jump off the furniture their lays splay out and over stretch tendons and ligaments.

The answer. Rugs.

I’m off to shop for sturdy area rugs this morning.

Dodged two surgery bullets. And BTW, I haven’t canceled the MASH appoint for the 25th if anyone needs it.

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