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Calendar Photo Tips

A few weeks ago during the GRRSM Board meeting, we selected most of the large photo’s for the 2019 calendar.  Last weekend, many thanks to Peggy Dziewit, Barb Saylor, and Becky Minnich for meeting with me to select the remaining photo’s.

I wanted to pass along a few tips as you continue to take photo’s for the 2020 calendar.  Reminder we always need holiday photos: Patriotic, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Snow, Easter, St. Patty’s Day ect…….

The biggest issue encountered this year was photos were to small in resolution size.  Take a look at your phone or digital camera settings, you want to take your photos’ in one of the largest megapixel settings you can.  Such as: 8M, 3264*2448p, 4:3.

When you look at the details of your photo, from the example above that first number 3264, for our calendar purposes we need that number to be above 2,000.

We received so many amazing photo’s, however most were too small to use as a large monthly photo.  When enlarged they would come out blurry.

Another tip is to take photo’s horizontally.  We will use 2 photo’s a month in the vertical landscape, but the large main photo’s have to be horizontal landscaped.

Just a few helpful tips and thank you for all the 2019 GRRSM Calendar submissions.   The goal is to have the calendar printed and available for purchase in August; more details to come.


June 5, 2018   No Comments

June 5, 2018   No Comments