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Posts from — June 2018

Welcome “Luna” to Rescue

Luna is one of 75 dogs rescued from a hoarder situation in Roanoke, VA. The Humane Society of the United States put out a plea for help for the small, local shelter and TCAS brought Luna and three other dogs to Southern Maryland. All four are heartworm positive.

Luna looks enough like a golden that we wanted to help, and Barb and Jeff Saylor have been looking for a dog since their Summer (GRRSM Pup) girl crossed Rainbow Bridge, their Sookie (GRRSM pup from Turkey) has been lonely. They have a perfect, quiet home for a pup going through the lengthy heartworm treatment process. Many of you know Barb as the rescue’s Treasurer and Craft Show Coordinator.

So Barb and Jeff have picked up the pup who is tentatively being called “Luna” as named by the shelter. They will foster to adopt her if all goes well.

Luna’s a mess. Desperately needs a bath, and Barb and her daughter Brittany were trimming matts out of Luna’s fur while I was there.

She’ll have an intake vet appointment this week, begin the heartworm treatment process, ultimately get spay.

And what does Sookie, the resident golden think about this new pup? Well, I’ve never seen her wag her tail as much as I did this afternoon, so I’d say that’s a good sign wouldn’t you?

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Lovable Sir is Ready for his Furever Family

Sir (Sir Licks a Lot) is just a big, loveable, goofy golden who loves everyone he meets. Happy Go Lucky kind of guy.

Age: 16 months Born on 2/14/17

Health: Excellent Up to date on vaccinations. Neutered. No issues.

Other dogs: Lived with 2 dogs before coming to rescue and currently living with 2 golden retrievers and gets along very well.

Cats: Living in foster home with a cat and no problem.

Kiddos: Has lived with a child.

Toys/games: Loves all stuffed toys and balls and can easily play and entertain himself by throwing toys up in air and chasing after them.

Any fears: Not afraid of vacuum, lawn mower or overhead airplanes or loud trucks or motorcycles or boats.

Likes water? Yes. Likes to swim.

Leash manners: Walks very nicely on leash without pulling. Meets people and other dogs without jumping or barking.

House trained: Absolutely. No accidents in house and learned very quickly how to use doggie door.

Car rides: Rides well in car. No car sickness.

Sir is a very easy going pup for only being 16 months old. Loveable and loves to snuggle.

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Bonnie and Clyde are Ready for the New Family

Bonnie and Clyde are a bonded pair of Golden’s that came to rescue all the way from Tennessee as their owner was moving to a place that wouldn’t allow dogs. They previously spent their lives on a farm mostly in a barn but have good house manners considering their past.

Gender: Male (Clyde) and Female (Bonnie)

Age: ~5 year

Weight: Clyde is around 83 lbs and Bonnie is around 73 lbs

Health: previously spayed and neutered. Hearworm negative. Up to date on shots and flea/tick/heart worm prevention.

Personalities: sweet golden personality. They love attention and getting pets and snuggles. They are still not that interested in toys but did play with some peanut butter stuffed Kong’s.

Interaction with dogs: Bonded pair that are interested in other dogs and have had pleasant interactions with other dogs

Interaction with cats: Bonnie and Clyde lived on a farm and slept in a stable. Transporter saw cats climbing and purring around them, so we believe they are great with cats.

Interaction with children: unknown to foster family. Large dogs would do best in home with no or older children

Fence requirements: needs a physical fenced in yard

Leash manners: They aren’t really pullers but could use some formal leash training

House Trained: a few accidents but keeping them on a schedule helps. They are still figuring out how to let us know when they need to go out.

Available date: now

Adoption fee: $600 for both which is $200 less than our normal fee as we want them to stay together

Video: Bonnie and Clyde

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Be a Foster Event at PETCO

Mariel Connell, Deborah Dofflemyer and I will be at PETCO in California, MD tomorrow with Bonnie and Clyde and Menia recruiting foster families. Please stop by and say “Hello”.

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4th of July Week Safety Reminders

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Moose….the most amazing dog EVER! I took him to the vet this morning and we will be assisting him cross over the Rainbow Bridge later today. As I look down from my desk, he is never far away. For him, I am HIS person. He has been masking the pain and trying so hard for ME. So, for him, I will let him go with dignity, and all the love in my heart.

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Welcome Sir Licks a Lot

I had the privilege of transporting Sir from his original family to his foster family, Barb and Tony B, and their rescue goldens Kramer and Spice.

Sir, as he is called, is a Valentine’s Baby, who turned one this past Valentine’s Day. His owners gave him to rescue due to divorce.

The entire hour drive he sat right beside me between the seats where the front console used to be, laying his head on my chest or in my lap being petted. I sang songs to him and told him we’d find him a wonderful furever family.

I know how he got his name. Instead of bumping your hand to get petted like many goldens do, Sir gives you a few kisses on your hand to remind you he needs more petting.

Sir is a tall redish boy, with a knowledge bump on his head. Those of you who have a golden with one will know what I’m talking about. My first foster failure golden, Cap, had one.

He lived with other dogs and children.

He will be ready for adoption relatively quickly as he is already neutered and current on most vet care.

Please join me in welcoming Sir to our Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland family.

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