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Ruby Tuesday’s First Acupuncture Treatment

One of the things about rescue dogs is we don’t usually know their exact birthday, but here is a picture of our Ruby Tuesday the first day she came to live with us. She was kept in a pen in the back yard for at least her first year of life. It took us a year of fostering her to finally realize we were her family and to adopt, but the reason I post this photo is I was too busy talking with Dr. Forrest and holding her in place to remember to take a photo of Rubes getting an acupuncture treatment.

She was remarkably well behaved.

Dr. Forrest gave her a quick once over and then started inserting needles.

Ruby didn’t flinch.

Dr. Forrest hooked up a machine to intensify the impact of several of the needles and Ruby still didn’t flinch.

Dr. Oakley, who many of you may know from MASH in Huntingtown, suggested acupuncture rather than traditional pain meds to treat a pulled muscle Ruby got by playing with Keagan who weighs 20 lbs more than she does and that followed a torn ligament three weeks earlier.

Neither injury was major, but Ruby is a tough girl and was seeming a bit fragile.

I expected I’d be signing up for a series of treatments, but Dr. Forrest finished the acupuncture session, gave Ruby Tuesday an injection of B 12 in her leg joints and another injection that is supposed to stimulate stem cell growth and sent us on our merry way.

… return appointment needed unless I thought it was needed.

He spent an hour with us at his store, Wagnwash, plus the injections, and the cost was only $70. That’s less than it costs to see him at the vet clinic.

Here’s a pic of Ruby and Joe sleeping last night.( FYI, she spends half of her waking hours barking at him when he’s standing. Still some left over quirks from her sad start to life even though she’s lived with us for seven years now.)

And, Ruby Tuesday is doing GREAT! Has her tough girl spunk back.

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