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Dog Park Etiquettte Reminders

Dog Park event this Saturday, May 5th  10AM Charles County Turkey Hill Park located at 9430 Turkey Hill Road La Plata, MD 20646

It’s been awhile since GRRSM had a dog park meet & greet, here are some reminders!

Liz Pike will do introductions shortly after 10AM.

– Take your dog/s off lead as soon as you come into the fenced area.

– Walk into the park.

– Only bring dogs who are good with other dogs. This isn’t the place to socialize a dog who is not used to other dogs as it is too overwhelming.

– Be careful about bringing toys especially if your pup doesn’t like to share.

– Don’t carry treats into the park.

– A clean water pail will be provided.

– Keep an eye on your pup. Intervene if they are humping, bullying or being bullied.

– No pups under the age of 4 months – too many germs.

– Pick up your pup’s poo and dispose of.

– Expect your dog/s to get dirty.

– Senior pups (and people) may get knocked over by playing pups.

– Leave little humans at home. It’s not safe for them to be in a dog park.

– If a dog fight occurs, keep your pup/s out of the mix.

– This is a public park. Other dogs may be using it.

– Dog parks are not for everyone. Dogs and people can get hurt. Attend at your own risk.

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