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Prayers and Healing Energy Needed for Annie

Annie came to rescue after spending several days at Anne Arundel Animal Shelter after being picked up as a stray. It appeared she had been tethered outside and chewed through her tether. She was spotted for several days in a Dunkirk neighborhood before animal control was called.

After some negotiation with shelter staff, Becky Minnich was able to pick her up and bring her home. Becky had a vet appointment ready.

The shelter had mostly shaved Annie because she had so many mats. When we arrived they told us she was heartworm positive. We clearly saw two large tumors.

Annie seemed anxious as if she had never been in a house or had spent little time indoors.

After a thorough exam lab samples of both tumors were sent off to determine if the tumors were cancerous.

Results are back, and the tumor on her leg is cancerous.

If she were a young dog, the vet would recommend amputation, but since she is likely about 10 years old the vet recommends removing as much as he can, knowing the tumor will likely come back.

Normally he would recommend heartworm treatment and then surgery, but in this case, he says he thinks we should do the surgery first knowing there is a real risk she will not make it through the operation.

Annie loves stuffed toys.

And playing with her foster sisters.

Surgery is Friday. Please send emotional support to Becky and her family; and prayers and healing energy to Annie.

April 10, 2018   6 Comments