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Golden Angels

At the rescue’s recent annual meeting I talked about “karma” and how good things often happen for dogs in our rescue.

Here’s an example from today.

Ginny Hinders, Ellen Rehmann and I met for lunch today. Ginny was asking me if I thought we could pay one way of a round trip airline ticket to Okinawa to get two adult goldens and a puppy the rescue there has no foster homes open. I said “Yes” and just then Ellen hands us a prewritten check for $1,000 to the rescue in memory of her husband Ken, a golden lover, who passed away about a month ago.

Ellen is these three pups Golden Angel on Earth and Ken is watching over them from Heaven.

Thank you Ellen and Ken.

March 13, 2018   3 Comments

Duchess Update

Duchess was adopted in 2015 after a vet contacted us concerned about Duchess’ well – being. Even though she is doesn’t look totally golden with those alert ears, Glenda and Tom fostered her and she was quickly adopted by a new family.

Duchess new dad, Al, says Duchess likes to “eat walk and go out every 4 hours and get me out of my computer chair. She typically destroys a stuffed toy during choir rehearsal every week at their home.”

I’ve already given Al a hard time about her weight. Al, be sure to enroll Duchess in the rescue’s Biggest Canine Loser contest. It really does help you stay focused on helping your pup lose weight. The winner gets a toy from all the other contestants. We didn’t win last year, but all four of mine each lost about 5 pounds.

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Betsy Crossed Rainbow Bridge

Betsy crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. She had a fast-growing inoperable sarcoma on her back, and even with pain meds, she just couldn’t get comfortable. It was such a hard decision, but we had to think of her. We are grieving, and I know you have been there. I wanted to post a picture and a little tribute, but I didn’t know how, so I am attaching the picture and text. She was the best dog ever–thanks to you. We fenced in our yard–I don’t know if you remember us, but we live on Kent Island. She loved it here–she had been living on a porch. ~ from Robin Mitchell

Note: Betsy was living on a porch when surrendered to rescue about four years ago after her human mom died and her human dad did not want to care for Miss Betsy. We were told she was 9 years old then which was 4 years ago, so Betsy lived a nice long life for a golden. We are forever grateful to adopters who open their heart to senior goldens……

March 13, 2018   4 Comments

Brain Training for Senior Dogs

Spoiling old dogs in their twilight years by retiring them to the sofa and forgiving them their stubbornness or disobedience, doesn’t do our four-legged friends any good. Regular brain training and lifelong learning create positive emotions and can slow down mental deterioration in old age. Physical limitations, however, often do not allow the same sort of training as used in young dogs. In a new study, a team of researchers led by cognitive biologists propose computer interaction as a practical alternative. In the training lab, old dogs responded positively to cognitive training using educational touchscreen games.

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