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Annual Meeting Auction

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the annual meeting tomorrow. As part of the auction we will have an auction to help defray some of the costs of our recent China Dog rescue.

If you plan to bid, please bring your checkbook, cash or pay by paypal as we don’t have the capability to do credit cards. In the past we have let winning bidders take their items home and some have failed to pay the rescue even after reminders:(

C U 2 morrow.

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Amazing Pups – Successful Rescue

From Together For Animals in China

“A total of 96 Chinese golden retrievers were rescued from slaughter houses. There are currently five organizations working with the United States Special Assistance Organization for Golden Retriever. Chinese slaughterhouses are mostly golden-haired because they are docile and easy to steal, working with them in the country not only to help transport the golden retriever, but also to sterilize stray animals and launch concerts and promotional activities.”

We are one of the five rescues.

Thank you to Laura Woodburn, Bryan Abell, Kim Thomas, Becky and MJ Minnich for making the trek to JFK with me and to Susan, Becky M, Laura, Barb and John and Billy for fostering.

It is a wonderful feeling to be a part of saving these five from the meat market in China. We hope to be able to help more.

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