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Auction Donations Needed

An auction is held as part of the rescue’s annual membership meeting which is being held on Saturday, February 23rd from 130 – 330 pm at the Charlotte Hall Library. If you’d like to donate an item please contact Barb Saylor, Auction Coordinator, at She will send you a thank you note for your files for taxes. Proceeds from this auction will go towards our five China dogs who should arrive to Maryland the day before.

So far we have this lovely garden statue donated by Chloe’s mom and dad, Barb and John Hayter.

Once again Amanda Worse of Amand Worse Photography is donating s pet Portait. Laura Woodburn won the bid for this last year and now as the most beautiful golden portrait I’ve seen.

Al Huey made four corn hole games and Becky and MJ Minnich painted them in a variety of colors. Barb Saylor made this quilt of all dog print fabrics.

Kate Devlin snagged one of the Home Depot Christmas Golden outdoor lights and donated.

And Joe and I donated a garden flag holder and an assortment of seasonal flags.

We like to auction 12 – 15 items. If we receive more donations than that we will hold them for our online auction is the summer when funds are dwindling.

Thanx for your ongoing support of the rescue. Hope you’ll be at the annual meeting. It’s always fun to talk with other golden lovers.

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