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Posts from — February 2018

Austin Update

Austin continues to be the center of attention in our home. I have had three other dogs, and I can say that he is the easiest and sweetest dog to live with. He has some interesting qualities that I can now document. He likes slipping away into what we call “caves” that we have built for him. We have three orthopedic beds scattered around the house that he hangs out in; they all have a similar quality:each is a refuge from noises and distractions, one is in a closet, another near a front door where he likes to watch people and dogs pass by, and a third is under a dining room table where he monitors all activity related to the refrigerator.

He lives for his walks, despite having only three legs. Austin gets 3-4 walks every day, and the distance is based on his stamina. Many neighbors now know him and he lives for the opportunity to reunite and give and get massive affection. We went through a period when he got an upset stomach, and would demand to go out and eat lots of raw grass. Our vet recommended a low dose of Pepcid every night and that appears to have solved the problem.

He is a joy to live with and loves the homemade carrots, peas, and potatoes he gets several times a week.

David Rasmussen, Theresa Cosca

February 28, 2018   2 Comments

Said No Golden Ever!

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Friday, April 20th Fundraiser

Friday, April 20th is the DAY!!! 25% of TOTAL sales placed through midnight tonight MDT will be donated to GRRSM! You do not have to mention this when ordering.

Think about gifts for friends & family or treat yourself! You will not be disappointed! One of a kind jewelry. Post any questions.

Here is the link to use to shop:


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Send Prayers and Healing Energy

Vet found a tumor on Callie Ann’s sleen and she is having surgery tomorrow.

Please send prayers and healing energy to her and virtual hugs to her family who is very worried about her.

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General Mills to Buy Blue Buffalo

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Pet Insurance

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Wine & Design Fundraiser

Please join us for a night of painting, friendship, golden talk…any maybe some wine too.

Saturday, April 14 @ 630pm in Leonardtown,MD.

25% of each seat filled will be donated to GRRSM.  We will be painting the dog with kite design.  We need a minimum of 14 people to hold the event with a maximum of 24 people.

Please visit the following link, where you sign up and pay.  Please let me know if there are any questions.



February 25, 2018   1 Comment

2018 Annual Meeting

Thank you to everyone that came out for the annual meeting today! It was great to see everyone.

We had a great turnout!  We talked about topics such as rescuing international golden retrievers, paying for dogs on Craig’s List, and some possible changes to our Facebook Group.  We received some great suggestions!

The board provided reports on how last year went, some upcoming events, fundraisers and then we had elections.

The follow members were elected for a two-year term:

Kim Adams, President & Fundraising

Pat Johnson, Intake/Foster/Adoption Coordinator

Barb Saylor, Treasurer

Peggy Dziewit, Membership/Secretary

Jean Huey, Events Coordinator

MJ Epstein, Transportation Coordinator

Al Huey, Webmaster

Joe Johnson, Member at Large

Ginny Hinders, Member at Large

Becky Minnich, Member at Large

Liz Pike, Member at Large

We had great food and conversation!  Thank you to everyone that donated items for the auction, will provide an update to how much we raised.

GRRSM members are the most generous folks I’ve ever met!  Looking forward to seeing you all at an upcoming event!

February 24, 2018   No Comments

Sugar is Ready for her Fuever Family

Sugar is an easy going, absolute sweetheart of a senior girl.

She is 12 years and 5 months young and surprising still full of energy.

Weight was 90 pounds at vet appt on Wednesday (2/21/18) but we have alright started working on her figure.
Health – Very good, senior lab work up was great. Only note was she could use a teeth cleaning.

House trained– Yes she normally goes straight out does her business and wants to come right back in to be with you.

Exercise Requirements– Very little exercise is needed, she has excellent leash manner and enjoys a walk once a day. We do not have a fenced in yard, she really doesn’t wonder far I normally just stand out with her walks around the yard.

Other dogs-Her foster family has two other Goldens and she gets alone fine with them.

Cats-Her surrendering family had a cat and her foster family has a cat, she could care less about him.

Kids-Surrendering family had grandchildren no issues report, foster family only has an adult child. She shows no signs of aggression.

Fears-Surrendering family advised she is afraid of deer and will bark. We have not heard her bark yet.

Sugar’s idea family would like to hang out. Even though she 12 years old she does have a lot of energy. She is the true meaning of a velcro dog, wherever you are she’ll be there by your side. She was given up by her elderly human because she could no longer give Sugar the much-needed exercise and life she deserved. When you meet you will know right away what an amazing girl she is.

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Annual Meeting Auction

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the annual meeting tomorrow. As part of the auction we will have an auction to help defray some of the costs of our recent China Dog rescue.

If you plan to bid, please bring your checkbook, cash or pay by paypal as we don’t have the capability to do credit cards. In the past we have let winning bidders take their items home and some have failed to pay the rescue even after reminders:(

C U 2 morrow.

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