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Flight Volunteers Needed


Two of our five pups in China are ready to come to the USA and are awaiting flight volunteers. Here’s a recent video of our four girls and one boy.

Our China pups

If you or someone you know flies to Beijing and are willing to bring one or two pups back from China in your luggage please contact our partner rescue:

If you can help

We pay all costs and you don’t even have to touch the dog/s as the volunteers in China bring them to the airport and stay until they are loaded onto the plane. They give you the paperwork to bring the pup into the airport at Baltimore, Philadelphia or DC and we meet you there!

Here’s a recent article about flight volunteers from the Washington Post.

Washington Post Article

Please share this post so we can get our five pups to America and adopted by furever families.

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Hemangiosarcoma in Dogs


Many golden lovers unfortunately have had experience with this cancer. Here’s more information.


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