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China Golden

Have you seen posts about dogs being used for food as part of a festival in China and felt sick to your stomach and helpless to be able to do anything?

China Golden 4 and 5

When we were contacted this week and asked to help 5 young golden girls who were saved from the meat market- a couple literally taken off the truck – I was incredulous that anyone could eat a beautiful golden.

China Golden 2

My daughter, who travels to China for work, says these beautiful goldens were probably stolen from middle class Chinese families; however, since they don’t microchip there is no way to get them back to their owners.

Ginny, our Intake/Foster Coordinator, and I could not say “No”.

China Golden 3

From Chersea, our POC located in Philly, “The girls are called from One Mao to Five Mao
Mao in Chinese means furs and there are really cute names, like fur baby.

The first video is San Mao, the second one is Si Mao, the one with the German shepherd is WuMao, and the one that is looking around is Da Mao.
Er Mao and San Mao were saved from Yulin where the meat trade is happening. Their father was with them when they were rescued, but we did’t save him from the infection… Er Mao and San Mao were really weak when we found them, but they were strong enough to make it.
Da Mao, Si Mao and Wu Mao were saved from a meat truck that we intersected in 2016. We used to have a six Mao but he didn’t survive from hepatic ascites.”

Posting just a couple of the videos.

Pups will travel with flight volunteer, foster families will get to know them, ensure they are fully vetted and then they will be ready for their furever families. We really don’t know when they will arrive, but we will keep you posted.


San Mao

Rescue Group in China We Are Working With

Thank you for your financial support that allows us to help these five girls!


1 Janie Foster { 11.29.17 at 6:55 pm }

I would be interested in I think San Mao. The one running around. Do you know anymore about them. Health wise or anything? What is the process now?

2 pat { 11.30.17 at 4:30 pm }

The pups are not here and we do not have a date for arrival. Once we know they are on the way, submit an application if you live near SO MD and we’ll do a home visit.

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