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Tuke Crossed Rainbow Bridge


BaTuke’ (Tuke) was a great and loving boy taken way to early. He loved to play and twirl around, he would even snap his toys like hiking a football. At first he was a handful, didn’t listen very well, but then we found out that his original patents were Brazilian. He just didn’t understand English😊. So we retrained him to know the basic commands and all was well. He was very vocal, loved to let everyone know he was there and wanted to play by barking and growling and such always waging that tail. We found out that his name means “the sound of the drums”, which is fitting for the noises he always made. He was always there to greet us when we got home home with that smile Goldens have. We already miss that so much. He was a companion, a friend, someone who was always there for you. He will be missed and forever loved. ~ Anne and Bruce Boyle

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1 Nancy { 03.09.17 at 9:18 am }

Know that you will meet again in heaven. Hugs and prayers for strength.

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