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Pros and Cons of Spaying and Neutering Your Golden

DuffyAs a rescue group we are keenly aware of the need to reduce unwanted reproduction in our pups. Yet at the same time we have vowed to care for our goldens in rescue as if they were our own. A few years ago a study from UC Davis UC Davis Study forced us to relook at our alter policy for young goldens, especially those under the age of one year.

The vast majority of our pups are old enough to be altered, or come to rescue already altered. However, we now try to adopt our babies to families we know and are confident will alter their pup when the time is right. We realize other rescues may not agree, but again, I have not altered my young male golden because I want him to live the longest, healthiest life he possibly can. I want the same for the pups who come to rescue.

How do you become one of the families we would trust with an unaltered baby golden? Volunteering is the best as we get to know you and how you care for your pups. If you live to far away? Sharing comments and ideas on the rescue’s facebook page gives us an idea of who you are and how you care for your pup.

Here’s another article I ran across today and thought I’d share.

Spay and Neuter Pros and Cons


1 Shinique { 01.04.19 at 6:26 am }

Thank you very much for supplying this information. We’re currently considering having our male retriever, 3 and a half years, neutered. I’ve delayed this process thus far, due to previous reading that cons are greater than pros.
It seems we’ll be delaying it.
Can you please give good advice and signs to look out for, considering we’ll keep him intact? The vets all argue that he’ll develop growths close to the anus / cancer, if he’s not neutered.
Your input would be greatly appreciated.

2 pat { 01.06.19 at 7:54 pm }

Your vet should do a prostrate exam during his annual check up as prostate cancer is a possibility

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