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Crumpet Crossed Rainbow Bridge


From Jillian who fostered and adopted Crumpet –

Today we say goodbye to the best dog ever. We got Crumpet on March 29, 2009 when she was guessed to be around 5. Almost 8 years later, we have to let her go. We could not have asked for a better pup. Crumpet loved every human she ever met. She would come running if I brought a rotisserie chicken in the house. She was the only dog that I’ve ever met that could not, for the life of her, find a piece of steak/bacon/etc. if you tossed it on the ground for her. She had a deep, manly bark that we only heard on maybe 3 occasions. She was scared to death of thunder. She has given our family so much love and we will miss her like crazy until we see her again someday.


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